Friday, November 8, 2013

Kinda like CHRISTMAS

 Hi, hi, hello! All week I have been planning on giving you a recap of our halloween party...where I dressed up as my favorite drug addict, Louis as Kenny Powers, and Lucy - the very cute Hello, Kitty. I was going to tell you about the easy (frozen and box mix) treats I made, the smores I forgot to eat, the syringe shots of pineapple and rum I forced onto people....but the problem is....I am much too excited to go into details about Halloween.
The party was a real joy. It was just great being a black hair girl and finally seeing my husband dressed up as his second favorite person ever (the first clearly being myself). The company was fun, until I was a tad bit tipsy and maybe a little grouchy about guests departing, discussions of there being no keg at our very grown up adult party......but I can't even get into all that.

The next day we went to Pennsylvania to see the Storey fam and celebrate the baby's 2nd birthday. I am not sure if he really knew it was his birthday, but he was super cute and squishy and huggable. I think he had a fun time running around, knocking over his brother's precious building block creations, eating tootsies, playing with balloons, doing all the things perfectly adorable 2 year olds do.

The rest of us did a bit of chatting about kindergarten, spiderman, and also enjoyed some really fabulous dance parties and private concerts. My phone was dead so I got zeropointzero photos but it was fine because I didn't have to deal with my incessant checking of insta and facebook and could instead, enjoy the company. We spent the day with our dearest friends, loving their new beautiful home, and becoming completely intoxicated by the adorableness of the tiny baby people. I know I sound so crazy imagine what I'll be like when I have my own but I can't even help it...I just love them.

All day Monday I was thinking about these lil ones and wishing that they could be just 1 hour instead of 2 hours away. Think of all the more visits we could have if the travel time were cut in half. I'm a bad driver, you see, and four hours of driving in a day or weekend, with me at the wheel is just not the best idea. Anyway, somehow I convinced all parties involved (Naomi, Jimi and husband---who don't be fooled is at least equally as obsessed as I am) to deliver these two poptarts to our house this weekend.

As in, TONIGHT. We are having a full weekend slumber party. And we are going to be doing really fun things.

So that's why I can't tell you about my trader joes frozen meatball platter or fried mac n cheese balls or a bloody vampire punch. Because I'm just too, too excited to think about anything else besides the weekend.

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  1. i always dream of my little Isabel being one hour away. It's so dreadful that she's so far!!! (it's dreadful that anyone I love is so far!!!) but you see them a lot!! a lot more than me and I'm only an hour farther! (not jealous....i swear!!!)