Tuesday, January 7, 2014

pretty, pretty, pretty good (2013)

On cold days like today (I promise this isn’t going to be about weather) something weird happens inside my nose. It sort of feels like something strange is residing up there, but what actually happens is that the air freezes in my nose when I breathe (ok, maybe a little about the weather).  I’ve had this feeling a few times before and it gives me something to concentrate on while I’m outside trying not to acknowledge the cold. I also like to focus on the delicious coffee I’ve been getting lately – dunkin donuts blueberry with half and half no sugar. Hot of course. If I get iced, I definitely want French vanilla. I have a French press and keurig at home but I’m currently out of vue cups. So  while I wait for my order to arrive, I shall indulge in dunkin donuts coffee every day.  

I became less anxious last year. It really didn’t take long for me to feel a wave of ease. I wasn’t sure I could do it with a simple decision, but I feel good about the progress. I still have certain tendencies, I pray a lot more than normal on airplanes and I hold my breath when I get home until I hear the jingle of my dog’s collar – but overall, I feel like a whole new person after 2013.

My resolution for the next 11.75 months should probably be to accept that God’s timing is best even if it doesn’t align with my own. My level of impatience is excrutiating. Instead, here are eleven things on my (not all-inclusive) list for 2014:

1.       Read better books.

2.       Watch all episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, from the beginning.

3.       Learn to make delicious coffee in the French press.

4.       Stay in a cabin for a weekend.

5.       Sip whiskey during grown up get togethers.

6.       Go to a winery.

7.       See more of upstate New York.

8.       Take another west coast trip.

9.       Get more takeout.

10.   Stop obsessing about bad skin.

11.   Less phone internetting.

Going to eat some soup now. Happy New Year. Hope you learn and love a lot, have few things to complain about, and laugh at everything  - because life is really strange and funny.


  1. I'm obsessed with curb your enthusiasm! best show ever. It's always a really tough day for larry david! haha!!! I love all your resolutions! There's def a few on there that I too want to achieve. Like sip whiskey. sip being the key. Not guzzle! xo

    1. Ahhh me too Larry David is the BEST. Did you watch the Comedians in Cars getting coffee with him? Larry Eats a Pancake? You must! Can't wait till you are here. We will sip whiskey together. Def not guzzle. So fab.

  2. ps. that font you wrote hello in is one of my favs!! I use it waaayyy too much.

  3. I think you'll have to come to France for #6!! <3 Emily

    1. That would be just wonderful! I'd love to come to France and drink wine together and share delicious dip appetizers.