Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January means birthday, steak and snow

 Louis had a birthday recently and we celebrated for the 4th year in a row at Peter Lugar Steakhouse. Someone recently asked if after the meal we've had our fill of meat for a bit, and the answer to that is no. I pretty much crave only that steak, and the ice cream sundae, but mostly the steak for the entire next year. I don't even eat a lot of meat, and would most likely have no problem becoming vegetarian - IF it were not for this one meal.
Birthday night out celebration
Peter Lugar perfection

Sometimes when you live in the northeast it snows.

A blizzard?
Makes everything take longer, but also pretty.
Days that begin at Central Park are the most beautiful.
Nets Magic with the best seats ever


A quick chat with funny and sad Damien Jurado
Busy, busy days lately
January is about to be over which seems impossible because it just became January. In the midst of beginning the year with all sorts of brain stimulating activity, I started watching the show Nashville. I listen to the soundtrack during my commute, so all of my better books have taken a backseat to my daydreams of becoming a country music star. I'll catch up on my reading just as soon as I finish all the episodes and have exhausted my ears of these songs.

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  1. i cannot believe january is over!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! so quick! things are just zooming by! i'm starting to get so excited and panicked about the big move! it's going to be sooooo cooooolllllll!!!!!!!!! miss you! come visit me before i move to you! hahah!! xooox