Thursday, May 16, 2013

Green Juice Smoothie

Since juicing can be super time consuming, when you run out, it's a little bit of a pain mid-week to get caught up. This week I started trying to put together smoothie recipes, that taste more like the juice. I've cut out peanut butter just to give my body a break - normally I go through about a jar a week because it's pretty much my favorite food ever. I've also stopped trying to mask the green taste. I realized in all of my previous green smoothies my goal was to consume as many greens as possible, while covering up the flavor with fruit and PB. The thing is, I actually love the taste of the greens. I guess it grows on you?!

I'm probably going to start re-doing some of my past smoothie recipes just as soon as I get the chance because I feel some of them have evolved a bit- but here is one that I've been enjoying for the past couple days--

3 cups kale
1 bell pepper, any color
1/2 cucumber 
1.5 Cup frozen strawberries, tops on
1 frozen banana
1 scoop protein powder - I use banana spirutein (optional, however if you don't use start with less liquid)
3 tablespoons hemp hearts
1/2 cup coconut water
2 tablespoons flaxseed oil
1-2 tablespoons goji berries

Here's what you do:
Put the kale in first, add pepper, cucumber, and 1 cup of cold water. Blend.
That should free up some space in your blender. 
Now add everything else (except goji), blend again.
Serve, and top with goji berries for some extra antioxidants.

*Everyone has their own preference on how thick they like their smoothie to be. I used to go with super thick, but Louis hates thick so I've been using more liquid.  I always start with less liquid than I think, then add until I achieve the perfect consistency. 

As you can see, this makes about 3 servings. I am bringing the extra to work for lunch. 

Regarding the flavor, this has a very mild taste so if you aren't a kale lover, just give it a try. You might like it more than you think!

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  1. I am starting to go with the frozen bananas too. What a great idea. I use no ice in my smoothies. Off to make one now but already have my 600ml of green juice ready for a late am drink. Wish we could get kale here, but no. Been using chard and spinach.