Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello beautiful summer

A couple of years ago if you asked me what my favorite time of the year was..it most likely was NOT summer. If you know me at all or have even read this blog a bit then you probably know my thoughts on Florida summers. Steering wheel scorched hands, melting face, water fights, broken air conditioners, nothing to do but go to the movies (which i do love movies)...basically heat that sucks the life out of you and makes you want to die every second of your life.

Okay maybe it's not that bad...but I was definitely never craving the sunshine like I do these days! New York has been gorgeous lately and I'm absolutely loving it. Summer is probably my favorite time here because everyone is just so happy..including myself. I enjoy every second that I get to spend outside...even just the walks to and from the subway feel like a treat. Seems like there is always an excuse for ice cream or some kind of tropical treat and a quick stroll through the park. Also, we recently moved into a new apartment (that's where I've been lately...making a new home) and the neighborhood is so stinkin cute that the outdoors are even better. We have a yard which we've been lounging around in...doing the usual gardening, lawn mowing...obvious yard type chores that I know nothing about. Louis has some kind of bean bag game he's been playing however I'm not much of a gamer so I'm glad he's found some good company to play with. I'm so, so excited for this summer. For barbeques and friends to come over, to sit in the yard and feel the sunshine, to explore new restaurants and bars, go to the beach.....these thoughts really make me so happy.

(Watermelon Slushie - Cut melon into cubes, freeze, blend, serve!)

Meanwhile on a not so positive note because I'm probably starting to gross you out...of all the useless things I learned in school----------what fool never thought to add to the curriculum, "Essentials for being a grown up" as a subject? It would be great if I had learned something about perhaps-----hanging a picture, wood stud vs. metal stud, drilling, hanging curtains, decorating apartments, organizing small spaces, how to stain wood, sanding and painting, assembling furniture, non suicidal thought inducing ways to hang a shower curtain rod, folding sheets....you know ANY of those things I would be thrilled to know how to do at this point in my life. And I know that I can find instructions for all of these things on the internet....but the problem is I suddenly need to know how to do ALL of them and I have zero time for researching. Plus, I'm quite impatient. And...I have been unsuccessful at all past attempts. Yes, I've attempted all of the above at some time or another. I'm thankful for good friends who are so helpful, because without them, we'd be living in one giant mess.

Anyway, like always, the time has been passing ever so quickly. I've been enjoying it so much that I think last week my body was beginning to reject life. No worries though, I recently set a bed time for myself and it's really doing the trick. I feel ALIVE.

In other news, I turned 28. Louis and I went to a delicious mexican restaurant in our new neighborhood. I had the most amazing veggie stuffed chile relleno ever. And plantains. And guacamole.

Grillin. Hammocking. Back yarding. We love it. 


  1. What a great summer cooler. I'm going to buy a watermelon today.

    Happy for you and Louis and Lucy.

  2. Linda Napolitano ManningJune 27, 2013 at 2:22 PM

    Nice pictures! Enjoy your NY summer!

    Cousin Linda