Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

Our first anniversary celebration was quite a success! Since it was a holiday weekend, we had lots of time to hang out together. I started the weekend on Friday morning by marinating some veggies. I may have been procrastinating cleaning the house just a bit, but I have also been craving marinated vegetables, especially mushrooms. This was really my attempt to recreate the Whole Foods salad bar at home.
Been having a little trouble teaching this girl that she actually has to go to the bathroom OUTSIDE if she wants a treat. The yard seems to be causing a bit of confusion. In any case, it's pretty much impossible to discipline her or deny her a treat. I mean really, could you say no to that tiny face?
 Friday night we went to a little restaurant in the East Village. We sat outside and there was little lighting so I left the ole camera phone in the bag although the dinner was most definitely photo worthy. It is nice to take a break from photo-snapping every now and then. We had hummus, tahini and babaganoush along with giant salads topped with a carrot vinagarette which is probably the most amazing dressing ever.

Saturday we went to the city for a day of shopping since we both decided on new clothes as our anniversary gift. I actually hate shopping on my own, but it's really fun with Louis because he always finds me the best stuff. Plus, he makes decision making a lot easier.  We were pretty tired when we got home so we both napped before heading out to dinner. We went to a new Mexican place on our street that hasn't gotten the best reviews despite being really cute, but we figured we would give it a try anyway. We had jalapeno margaritas, mini fish tacos, a stuffed pepper, and guac and salsa. So yummy and the service was great. Not sure what all the fuss is about. We will definitely be going back. Then we went home and watched Clear History, the new Larry David movie. Hilarious. He is the best.

Oh and here is one of my new outfits! This picture was intended for our Moms but I'll share it anyway.

Sunday morning Louis had a little work so I decided to do my long run. It wasn't the best but I managed to reach my goal for the day. I was exhausted when I got home so I quickly showered and made a smoothie, then took a 2 hour nap.
By the time he got home, I felt rested and excited for our day. We got ready and off to Adventureland we went. You may recognize the name because there is also a movie about this gem of an amusement park. Louis used to go as a kid and we've been talking about stopping by since we moved here. Not sure if it is the florida girl in me or what, but I LOVED it! Lotsa spinning and roller coastering. Supah-fun.

Haunted House...actually pretty scaryyyyy.
Louis was terrified of the swings. They did make some weird noises and they really whip you around...but we managed to survive.
 After Adventureland we went to our favorite pizza place in New York which also happens to be on Long Island - The Pie. We split a broccoli rabe, pepperoni and garlic pizza. So good. Louis was mad we didn't get a large...because we didn't have any leftovers!

 Monday was our actual anniversary. It was a little overcast in the city, but that didn't stop us from getting out and about. While I was getting ready Louis ran out to pick up our laundry and came home with some pretty purple flowers. Then we went to breakfast/lunch NOT brunch, and to see a movie. There wasn't anything either of us were dying to see, but we both love the movies so we settled on one. Right before heading in Louis did a quick search on his phone and saw that a film called The Spectacular Now got good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I hadn't heard anything about it, but it sounded better than the other options so we decided to see it. So glad we did!
It was such a good movie. We really loved it. It sort of had the same vibe as Perks of being a Wallflower which is my favorite. So, so good I highly recommend it.
After the movie we made a quick stop by the mall then went home to rest up for our dinner...because obviously eating takes a LOT of energy. Then we prettied ourselves up and went to our favorite steak restaurant, Peter Luger. We typically go for Louis's birthday but figured an anniversary is another perfect occasion to dine there.
We get the same thing every time: ceasar salad, French fries, spinach, and Steak for 2. And we are really serious about savoring every bite...because it's one of the most delicious meals we have all year.

 Last time Louis passed on the sundae, but this time even though he tried, I was not allowing that. I also announced to the server that it was our first wedding anniversary. He asked if I'd like a candle on top of the sundae and of course I did. He came out with a few others singing Happy Anniversary to the tune of Happy Birthday. I could not stop laughing.
I think Loos may have been embarrassed.
 We finished things off with some coffee and Charsle impersonations.
I scraped every last bit of chocolate syrup and ice cream out of that dish because who knows when I'll get to have it again!
 As always (after Peter Lugar), I had to drive home because Loos was too full. But not too full for a little bit of leftovers before bed.
Gosh I love him!

I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful weekend. I just love the time we have together to hang out, talk and laugh.  I really can't believe a whole year has passed since our wedding day. I was definitely happy before getting married, though I was dying to take the next step, but I never anticipated how wonderful marriage would actually feel and be. Louis always used to tell me that getting married didn't make things magically perfect, but life does feel a bit magical with him these days. I feel like the luckiest girl because I get to share this life with him. He's the best friend and husband in the whole world. As Charsy would say, thank you Jesus! :)

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