Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Twin Mama for 3.5 Months

I keep telling myself - "put the phone down." Some days I feel like I'm staring at the babies all freaking day through my i-phone camera. I have yet to print one of these photos, but I do text them to my family and friends and anyone who I think might enjoy a minute by minute snapshot of our day. Now that the babies smile, my phone is clogged with about 98 blurry, blank stares to 1 perfectly adorable smiling picture per hour. I'll admit it, the smiles are not always happening on demand but they're consistently cute so that's all that matters. 

Moving on, I totally get why people end up with five kids. I'm already trying to figure out how I can have another baby because I'm so infatuated with these two. I wish they were going to be tiny, cute, creatures forever and ever because all I want to do is hold and kiss them for the rest of my days. When I'm holding them close I start to feel an overwhelming amount of something that I've never felt. It's so much wonderful that it makes me sad. Maybe if you have a baby or something else that you really, really love you know what I mean. Anyway, as it turns out, Sonny and Rocco do not want a sister. So that's that. 

10 thoughts:

1. The other day I ate three yellow donut peaches in a row. 

2. If by chance you come over and I smell like a salad, it's because I started dabbing Apple Cider Vinegar all over my face. I read it helps clear your skin. Obviously I'm glowing after only 3 days. 

3. Double Stroller in New York means you avoid the dreaded entry step (which all businesses seem to have) at all costs. This is why I get my coffee at Starbucks now - bathroom big enough for stroller and no step. It's such a delight in there, that I sometimes find myself visiting when I'm not even in the mood for a coffee. 

4. If you ever thought it was okay to reach your dirty grimers into a stroller and touch someone's baby, it's not. I get it - they're so cute that you can hardly stand it and it's like a magnetic force is drawing your hand right to their chubby little legs, but have some restraint.

5. I'm currently watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's all about teenagers and babies and sex. A real must-watch.

6. Going to the beach with three month old twins feels a bit like being stranded in an Arabian desert. See you in five years, beach.

7. We're supposed to be trying to get on a schedule around here, but I do kind of enjoy the opposite schedules. It's the only way I get alone time with each baby. So, I get very little done and am in my pajamas the majority of the day (also I'm exhausted), but I get to hold my babies a lot. 

8. To cut my hair or not cut my hair. Mine is falling out which is apparently normal after pregnancy. I suppose it's falling out an extra lot since I had twins,  and twins make everything, an extra lot. Anyway, a new short haircut could be a nightmare situation since I have zero time to do my hair, but the wet bun is no less of a nightmare. And the way I see it, winter is on the horizon and clearly I have to blow dry in the winter!

9. french press + 2/3 cup coffee grounds + water to the top + 12 hours in the fridge = pretty delicious iced coffee. For before I make it out to Starbucks.

10. I'm officially a stay at home mama. At least for awhile. I never imagined I get to do this and I'm so grateful that things have fallen into place this way for our little family. I will miss my amazing job so much and still can't really believe that I'm not going back, but for now I'll be here, taking care of my babies and husband. 

And now some really cute pictures of Sonny & Rocco because they are just the cutest. 


  1. Great description of your new life, and cute pix too! My advice about to keep or cut the hair, keep it through the winter if you're determined to cut it all off as opposed to cut short. You'll be glad that you had it to keep you warm.

  2. amazing how big they have got you have a beautiful site with great memories for them love it..cant wait to see them on Oct

  3. They are only little once so enjoy it- don't cut your hair you'll cry and it takes forever to grow out ( I did it and was so sad) and I love the pics we are so lucky to have you and Louis and Sonny and Rocco such a shining light of love-keep up the happy it never goes away

  4. PS - please write a children's book

  5. I love all the pictures - but especially the adorable feet!

  6. Your guys are great and we look forward to seeing the whole family in December when we are in NYC. Stay happy and love.

  7. OOOOMG I love all of it! So thrilled for you and your family!!!

    1. Thank you!! So excited for you guys on baby 2!!

  8. Omg I love these pics and words of wisdom keep them coming Kristen

  9. Omg I love these pics and words of wisdom keep them coming Kristen

  10. Omg I love these pics and words of wisdom keep them coming Kristen