Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mom for a Month

I planned on posting a timely 1 month update, however I seem to have a serious case of (self diagnosed) baby induced carpal tunnel, making it difficult to post and tell you every single detail about these adorable tiny creatures. Also, I never have a hands free moment these days. There are times that I manage to do a cook or quick clean during naps, but the past few days I've found it difficult to come up with any spare time.

Our first month together was spent at the NICU, as our sweet Rocco was not quite ready to come home. The days were extremely long and though I loved our visits, leaving our baby every night was heartbreaking. It was especially hard as he got bigger and came off the c-pap and wires - he just looked like he should be at home. I felt torn having one baby at home and one still in the hospital because all I wanted was to be with both of them, so we brought Sonny with us every day. He was such a trouper (I did a big google search on whether this should be trooper or trouper and have come to the conclusion that trouper is correct.) and even though he was only a few days old, he went right along with our rushed mornings, long drives to and from Washington Heights, and days spent hanging out at the NICU. On my 30th birthday, also the day before their actual due date, Rocco was released which was the most perfect birthday present ever. Our stay at the NICU turned out to be a bit of a blessing. It felt like we were at parenting school and getting all kinds of extra tips. As a first time mom, I loved getting advice from the nurses and learning how to take care of our babies. I guess we would have managed coming straight home with two little ones, but I will say it was a much easier transition starting out with just one.

It's been just under 2 weeks since Rocco came home, but it feels like we've always been together. The days pass more quickly than I ever imaged. We are so busy eating, sleeping, snuggling, changing diapers, and changing outfits. When I'm holding one, my heart aches for the other and I wish I could hug them both every second of the day. I never knew I could love this much. I am absolutely bursting and overwhelmed by how wonderful it is to be a mama of two precious babies.

10 thoughts: 

1. I can't stop documenting because I don't want to forget anything. I'm driving myself nuts with the documenting.

2. Also can't stop kissing. I hope they don't get sick of me.

3. I've never functioned so great on so little sleep. I really have been wasting a lot of precious life-living time trying to jam in the full 8 hours, when really I need way less.

4. I'm up to a large dunkin donuts coffee and I don't even feel jittery.

5. I did 2 mom crafts this week.

6. I finished two shows during my nighttime feeding sessions: The Carrie Diaries & OITNB Season 3. I need more shows to keep me awake. Please send me suggestions.

7. Our apartment has become an obstacle course. There is very little ground to walk on.

8. Best record to dance around to with babies...Be My Thrill by the Weepies. Get yourself a baby and try it.

9. It's really peaceful around here until feeding time and then we have a terribly loud screaming session which can be a little crazy.

10. I'm going to wear sunscreen just for the smell, watch movies about the beach and take a cold shower with my eyes closed so I can pretend to be swimming somewhere fabulous. Maybe I'll make myself a pina colada too.

Question to all moms and baby experts: What is the secret to keeping a pacifier IN a baby's mouth? Shist!

 Have a great day! Hope you get to eat a popsicle!

PS - I started a Tiny Beans account so that you don't get tired of my baby photos. So if you were thinking, "gee this is barely any photos for a whole month", you're right - I have millions more. 


  1. love this! and crafts? you go girl! isn't being a mother just the best thing ever?? I can't imagine the heart swelling that must occur when two arrive. xoxo

    1. yes, it is for sure the best. i will say my crafts are very basic haha. i'm pretty much the least crafty person ever.

  2. It is great news that already have your two little ones at home. greetings from Cancun, Mexico. It's a blessing to be a mom. Xo, xo

  3. I had my baby a few days after yours, and I can relate! (Only 1 baby, though) The house is so cluttered, and everything is so incredibly peaceful until he gets hungry... then all hell breaks loose!

    1. seriously! and i feel like i straighten up a million times a day but every couple hours once again the house is a disaster. oh well. :)