Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So you wanna do a pullup?

Cause I do. Lately I've been really into "goal centric" training...whether it's to attempt a race, beat my speed running, or up my number of burpees, it helps me stay motivated to have specific goals when working out. I have a few things that I'm working on now, one being, the Pull Up. I've researched, watched videos, and put together a plan to help develop and strengthen my lats and back muscles so that I can get this body ready to pull itself up!

I also added triceps today because most likely I'll want to do a muscle up after a pull up. ;) Really, I wanted to work another part of my upper body, and back and triceps pair together quite nicely.

For Smith Machine Pullups, lay on your back and set the bar high enough to where you have to lift up  a few inches in order to reach it. Using a strong grip (careful not to just use your fingers/thumbs but the entire hand to strengthen your grip) lift body up while keeping feet on the floor. Body should stay in a straight line from head to toe. Then bend arms, squeeze shoulder blades together and pull up towards the bar. Watch a video here . His bar is higher, but it'll work either way. As far as number of reps, start with 12-15 if you can.

For lat pull downs, seated cable rows, one arm dumbell rows, and tricep pull downs, focus on using heavier weights and completing less reps. I started at 8 reps and was down to six by the last circuit.

When using the assisted pull up machine, use the least amount of weight as possible until you can eventually (one day) work your way up to using no weight. This basically helps you feel what it would be like to do an actual pull up, before you are able to pull up your entire weight. Focus on keeping shoulders down and engaging back muscles while you are hanging, then pull up. I started with 12 reps, but again, was down to less reps by the last circuit.

When I was finished, I had about 10 minutes left to end with a good stretch session which I really needed after an intense leg workout yesterday. If you are super strong and fast and have more time than that left, add in extra cardio or stretching to the end of your workout.

*What are some of your current fitness goals?
*How do you stay motivated when it comes to working out?


  1. as you already know, my goal is the 5k. It's creeping up fast now! by Tuesday I'll be running 10 minutes straight!

    I think you're onto something with these fitness goals. I never considered setting them myself, but that's why I've been so successful with this running app. You can see the progress and there's a specific end goal.

    When you can do a pull up, I'll be expecting a video! xo

    1. Yay! When is the 5k? Can't wait to hear about your training this weekend. And yes, fitness goals are great especially when you can track your progress.

      Don't worry girl...I'll definitely send you a video once I can do a pullup.