Friday, July 19, 2013

Get to Know Me Survey

My friend and fellow blogger Heather recently tagged me to do this About Me survey. I have always been obsessed with these things, since my live journal and myspace days, so of course I had to do it!!

A. Attached or Single?

B. Best Friend?
I always try calling Louis my #bestie, but he thinks its weird. So, I'd say my best friend is definitely Lucy.  I can't imagine life without her. She makes me smile and feel loved every single. day.

C. Cake or pie?
More of a pie girl. Hot apple pie with ice cream, yes please! I love cake but I'm picky about the icing. Mmm Ice cream cake.

D. Day of choice?
Summer Fridays. I never heard of them until I moved to New York. Some companies up here let you have a few free days on Friday. They are amazing!! Beach days!

When I'm having a week without a Summer Friday, then Saturday is for sure my day of choice. I typically have my long run on Saturday mornings, go to the market and stock up the fridge, and then do something fun in the evening. I normally take off from working out on on Sundays which means it doesn't really matter what time I go to bed...but alas, I'm old and usually still fall asleep around 10. 

E. Essential Item?
If you know me you know about my weird essential item. Ear plugs. Absolutely cannot sleep without them. I'd also include an eye mask here but I can make due with putting a tshirt over my eyes. Also, face sunscreen.

As far as beauty essentials?
This Yves Saint Laurent Concealer is the best. You just need a tiny dot and it covers all imperfections.

Guerlain highlighter. I try not to wear foundation or my normal face powder during the summer and go for a lighter look. The concealer topped with highlighter makes for a shear, super light finish that doesn't get all melty in the hot weather. 

I also wear blush and mascara most days, but I can do without them so I must say they aren't as essential. 

F. Favorite color?
I don't really have a favorite...I like warm yellows, oranges with lighter blues for my home. All of my kitchen stuff goes with this theme. If I saw an item like a key chain and had to pick out of a bunch of colors, I'd probably go with pink.

G. Gummy bears or worms?
Meh...don't care about either. All I ever want is chocolate.

H. Home town?
Orlando, Florida. 

I. Favorite Indulgence?
Ice cream or Chocolate are my go-to treats. Or Fancy Pizza---the kind that's thin with delicious veggies on top and very little cheese...not greasy and makes you feel like you could maybe be in Italy. I've never been so that's just an assumption. Italian pizza could be greasy and have tons of cheese for all I know.

J. January or July?
January is fun because I'm normally hyped up from the holidays and excited for fresh start/ new year. Also, it's Louis's birthday so we go to Peter Lugar and do something fun.

Other than those things, I prefer July...because it's warm and summer time. Summers in New York are the absolute best. People wait all year for it and really live it up when it arrives.

K. Kids?
I love kids. Really, really love them. I've always felt like I was meant to be a mom as well. Right now I'm loving life just how it is but who knows what the future (days, weeks, months, year?) will bring! For now...I get my fill from these lil faves...

(our bffs kids and godbabies!)

L. Life isn’t complete without?
Louis, Lucy, our parents and family, hugs, laughs, and daydreams. 

M. Marriage date?
9/2/12 our anniversary is coming up!

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
One sista bird.

O. Oranges or Apples?
I can eat 5 oranges in one sitting. Obsessed with all citrus so much that it makes my mouth hurt. But an apple with peanut butter can't be beat either. If I have a choice though, I'm going with the orange. 

P. Phobias?
Enclosed spaces that I can't get out of - subway, tunnels, sometime elevators. Being trapped if there's a fire and I can't figure out a way out. Sharks. Anything that lives under the water...I want nothing to do with any of it. Also, a vile shrimp or wretched mayonnaise. Triple vom.

Q. Quotes?
Unfortunately most of my favorite quotes are inside jokes. "Hope ya like VAY-gen!" "Don't get used to this." "Do I smell a mocha?" Hello, Charsy.

I'll explain one. Once Louis and I were in our room at his mom's house, and she was pulling all of these amazing items out of the closet for me. Beautiful headbands, handbags, belts, makeup...and he was all, "what, I get nothing?" So she pulled out one of those things you put behind your head on the airplane, tossed it over and said, "DON'T GET USED TO THIS!"
she's the funniest!!!

R. Reasons to smile?
No reasons not to! Blessed with so much - love, great friendships, a great job, plenty of food, nice home, health, and opportunities. So grateful. 

S. Season of choice?
Best part of living in the northeast? The seasons! Although they do make the year pass super quickly. Summer or the first part of winter. I love the holidays and getting to see family, eat delicious foods, see the city decorated and looking beautiful....but come February I'm over it! I don't really like spring because I'm always just dying for actual warm weather by then.

T. Tag 5 People.
Don't have 5 to tag...maybe my sister would enjoy doing this?!

U. Unknown fact about me?
I have never broken a bone in my body. *knock on wood*---me either Heather!

Hmmm...seems like everything is knowns. A woman of few secrets. Once I lived in Nashville and interned at the management company for Vince Neil of Motley Crue. I also had a nose ring.

V. Vegetable?
I love vegetables!! Almost all! My not so favorite veg is asparagus. When I was growing up for some reason I was served cold mushy asparagus out of a jar with a side of mayonnaise. I have no idea who came up with that awful combination but I think of it every time I see asparagus. I can kind of enjoy it still, just not my #1 choice.

W. Worst habit?
Instagram. I'm so addicted. I sometimes annoy myself with how much I am checking things on the phone. 

X. Xray or Ultrasound?
Uhhh....well if I was going to have a baby maybe I'd love getting an ultrasound so I could see that lil creature...but since I'm not I'll say neither. Hate any medically related procedure.

Y. Your favorite food?
Smoothies, fancy pizza, enchiladas, peanut butter, chocolate

Z. Zodiac sign?

That's all about me! Now, I have a summer friday today so we are off to the beach to take advantage of this HOT weather!!


  1. I love this little profile! Charsy is hilarious, I love that you love seasons, (i never thought about it but you're right. they do seem to speed the year along), and where is that chocolate shop?!

    I got those truffels one time for xmas from my aunt and they are the best chocolate I've ever eaten! We have to go there next time I'm in ny. xoxo

    1. That shop comes around at Christmas! It was outside at Union Square.

  2. Cracking up! All I could think of when you mentioned your fears was that one time I accompanied you to the doc! What an experience and one I will be telling your future daughter one day!! You are so funny. I just love you.


    1. AGH! What a nightmare!! Thank G you were there to hold the paper bag!

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  4. Ahh! You did the survey! Yay :) Loved reading your answers... definitely found out some things I never knew before. Fun!