Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birthday Weekend

I'm not always big on my own birthday celebrations, but I absolutely love celebrating with other people, especially Louis. We began the weekend at an Italian restaurant - the food was just okay but we enjoyed it anyway and finished the meal with a tasty tiramasu. Then we went home to rest and take it easy since we had lots planned for the rest of the weekend. We started watching Homeland. Louis is mad I've turned him into a TV person - but hello there are some really great shows going on that I simply can't pass up. I didn't think I'd be able to get into a new one after Sons because I am so obsessed with it, but Homeland is pretty great.
Saturday I raced around town running errands and then hurried home to begin the birthday cake baking. I made a pistachio chocolate chip cake with honey butter cream icing because Louis's favorite dessert flavor is pistachio! When he got home from work we got ourselves ready for our third year, officially a tradition, of an amazing birthday dinner at Peter Lugar Steakhouse. As always, it was the most delicious steak dinner ever and I enjoyed every second of being there. We were too full for the ice cream sundae - well, Louis was - I'm never too full for ice cream, plus we had that cake waiting for us at home that I was just dying to try. We watched an episode of Homeland and then we were ready for the cake. I sang a beautiful song, had Louis make a wish, and we cut into the cake. It was so amazing. Super moist, lots of flavor but not too rich, icing not too sweet but just perfect, oh man. Couldn't get enough of it.
  (recipe coming soon!)
Sunday we went to the diner and hung at home, I did some more baking and prepared for the party. We went to Barcade - clearly,  a bar with lots of old arcade games. I'm not much of a gamer but the guys all seemed to enjoy video gaming and I had the best time ever just trotting about and hanging out everyone. We ordered delicious, greasy, pizza, ate cupcakes, drank beers, took pics, and did a bit of strutting. The company was great and I was so glad to have friends together to celebrate Louis's birthday. 

(while these lil cakes look adorable, I'm still perfecting the recipe so I'll share it after the next time I have a reason to make homemade funfetti mini cupcakes)
A few people came back to our house for a slumber party and the next morning we got to have a late, hangover breakfast at the diner with Tessa and Kosch. I had the nachos which were basically a salad on top of chips. We watched Eastbound and Down, I napped, and then of course Louis and I ate again before we went to bed. I basically had a sugar high the entire weekend so that coupled with the party beers have made me feel a little bit crazy. I was glad to make it to the gym this morning and I'll be detoxing from now through the rest of my life. Or at least until something fun comes up like Valentine's Day.
Happy birthday, Louis!! I think this year is going to be another super great one.


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  2. Great reading. Are we allowed to go to Peter Luger's if it's not Lou's birthday?

    You said "diner" twice. Kellogg? We still talk about the last minute Wedding details and the great food there.

    Your lives are one big funfest and foodfest. Life is good for my favorite couple.

  3. Happy Birthday Lou! Miss you both!

  4. Dad - yes, Kelloggs!

    Sista - Thanks! We love you too!