Monday, October 4, 2010

If you tell people you’re moving to New York, they’re most likely going to inform you of the following:

  1. It gets very cold.
  2. It’s very expensive.

Summer is gone and as the chill slowly creeps in, I’ll admit that I have no idea whether or not I’ll survive the winter. I’ve always imagined what it would be like to live in a seasonal climate. Until now, I’ve hardly needed a coat for anything other than vacation. I’m excited to be freezing, to need fluffy blankets, the heat, scarves, and boots. I’m a tad overwhelmed trying to gather everything I’ll need, but so far I’ve purchased 2 pairs of boots and a down coat. As my mother says, “Make sure you have the basics.” Now, I won’t go on and on about how wonderful winter is, because there is a slim chance that I’ll actually want to die during the rigid, cold months ahead. Or, I could fall in love with everything other than ‘burning to death heat’ that Floridians endure year round.

As for the money situation, of course New York is expensive. Do people really come here expecting a giant bargain? Regardless, you can save or indulge, just like you can in any other city.

Last weekend Lou and I migrated out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan. Our first stop was Ashlya Japanese Sushi, or as we like to call it, “50% off”. The menu lists 2 prices for each item, the “original” price and the “50% off” price. You are always charged the discounted price but they want you to be aware that you are getting a super fab deal in their restaurant. We devoured three rolls (spicy white tuna crunch, avocado/cucumber/asparagus, & philly), two miso soups, and a side salad for $20. I’m pretty picky about sushi (no roe/eggs, no mayo, no fishy taste) and I’ll say the place was delicious. I’ve eaten at Ashlya 4 times and I’ve never left unsatisfied.

After dinner we headed to City Cinemas Village East to see The Town. Everything in NY seems giant and magnificent with the tall buildings and bright lights, but the insides of places are wonderfully tiny. This movie theater was no exception. We purchased our tickets ($14 each), then waited in a line that wrapped around the building which gave me an extra tinge of excitement and anticipation. When allowed, we dashed inside and were quickly surprised by the size of the theater. It was about half the size of theaters they use for films that are on their way to DVD – and forget stadium seating. We plopped into our seats at the end of the row and watched as people jammed and requested whoever to move over so couples could sit together. We chomped on store bought low-cal/flavorless popcorn, a bite size chocolate bar, and 2 bottles of water ($8). I was nervous about the set up because normally I am so distracted by the crunching, whispers, & fidgeting that it drives me insane. Thankfully, the closeness of the people added to the intensity of the movie and everyone became deeply involved in the story which made for excellent viewing pleasure.

When we left City Cinemas, I was ready for some healthy cream (I spotted everyone eating it before our movie), so we made our way to a place called Stōgo. Stōgo serves “gourmet organic dairy-free ice cream.” We agreed on a small cup of bananas foster with peanut butter fudge, for $4. It was even more tasty than it sounds, and I can’t wait for an excuse to go back.

Our perfect date night came to about $60. Seems pretty reasonable to me.


  1. Crunching, whispering and fidgeting driving you crazy. Hmm. I know whose daughter you are. Love you and "besos from bushwick".

  2. man. now im missing nyc and you even more!

  3. i love reading about your NY adventures! xoxox

  4. I don't live in New York but we have "city prices" in Chicago as well. It seems outrageous at first but you get used to it. There are trade offs! I love not having to have a car like in Florida and being walking distance from Lake Michigan where I can exercise, run, bike, go to a skate park, play golf or tennis and take a dip all on the same path (not that I do any of those things, but I like having the option!). I think it's those little things that make extra .20 cents your paying in city taxes worth it.

    I know we had an extended conversation about winter essentials but don't forget some good wool socks, "cuddle dud" long underwear, some GOOD winter gloves (skip the cute ones that urban outfitters has and go for something thermal) and hats and scarves galore. Those are so fun to shop for.

    Keep posting! I love your blog so far.

    Oh and when the snow comes- peep the snow flakes. They are SO cool!