Monday, November 8, 2010

Ready for holidays

So I'm already beyond excited for the holidays. The cold weather really puts me in the mood for everything festive and I'm anxiously awaiting the next few weeks. Lou and I spent our free time over the weekend in Manhattan. My great friend from college, Brittany, and her mom were in town so we met them at La Bonne Soupe for a Saturday lunch. I chose the crepes with prosciutto, roasted red peppers, ricotta, and arugala while Lou had a delicious French Onion Soup. We finished our meals with teensy mini cupcakes. Everyone says that one little taste is all they need for satisfaction; however, I was craving treats the entire weekend and could have eaten ten more of those cakes. I really am grateful to have made such fab friends while I was in school. Every reunion feels so normal and refreshing - as though we've never been apart. We said goodbye, then strolled through beautiful Central park, watched the ice skaters and sipped peppermint lattes. We went to the Apple store and FAO Schwarz in Rockefellar Center. I felt 9 again as I made my way through the doll section, can't believe little girls still want American Girl Dolls. We went to the giant piano and watched people dance around to New York, New York. I tried on Harry Potter hats even though I'm probably the only person who isn't into Harry Potter. After the toy store we walked around the upper west side, admiring our amazing lives. That evening I cooked southwest quinoa with scallops and we watched the Magic game. OH! I also made stove-top popcorn, with a bunch of cajun spices for an after dinner snack.

Sunday I forced myself out of bed and reluctantly went back to yoga after a week long break. I've been going six times a week for a few months now, so it was definitely time for a quick rest. I'm practicing Mysore. Nobody ever knows what that is, so if you are at all interested, here's a link:

After practice Lou gave me a tutorial on our Netflix instant cue and then we did our weekly shop at Trader Joes. We witnessed a confrontation between an old woman and a middle aged man regarding who was first in the checkout line. Apparently the woman was off shopping and using her cart as a place holder which Mr. New York found to be completely unacceptible so he decided to take her place. A few words were exchanged, ("im a New Yorker"..."you bitch"..."we'd all like to do some shopppinggggggg") along with a middle finger and a "have a lousy day." Luckily, we all got outta there unharmed.

We've gotten to spend time with so many good friends lately, I feel extremely blessed. It's fun living in New York for so many reasons, but especially because everyone is always stopping in for a visit. Today I started listening to Christmas music, and tomorrow I'll break out my Christmas mug, because I am SO ready for the holidays. All I want is apple cider, apple pie, pumpkin pie, mac n cheese, potatoes, peppah-mint, and chocolate. I associate the cold with Christmas and all kinds of good stuff.



  1. Love your list of Christmas comfort foods (my term), they all sound yummy! Good for you on the 6-days-a-week yoga, I'm only good for 4 or 5.

    Sending you a smile,

  2. time for a blog update!! we loved being able to spend time with you in WA. xoxo.