Monday, January 3, 2011

Is it cliche to address the new year?

Perhaps. Yesterday marked the second day of the new year and brought about feelings of great sadness. Reality. Back to work and vacation is officially over. I am doing my best to snap out of this dreary mood but I keep pondering what type of money making activity that I can take up right from my own cozy apartment. Throughout the year I try to adopt self fulfilling and healthy routines for myself, so I don't actually have a resolution specifically for 2011. Plus, there is too much pressure on this month anyway.

I crammed in quite a lot this holiday season. My trip to Orlando was nice. I was afraid I was going to hate being there but it was kind of delightful. Every second was filled up by family and friends. Luckily, everyone was flexible with meeting us whenever we had an open spot in the day.
Mom & Dad:

Sistas & Mom:

After a successful trip I returned home and Louis left for a short east coast tour. While he was away I planned my first holiday party ever, a cookie swap!! I made snacks and 2 types of cookies, chocolate sandwich canoli cookies and oatmeal coconut dipped in white chocolate and toasted coconut.
Then we were off to Seattle for our Christmas celebration which, as always, was hilarious and wonderful. We brought our pup this time so my mind was carefree knowing we had our sweet girl with us.
The lovely Charsy!

 We went to the Zoolights in Tacoma with Mike & Holli which was super great and Christmasy! We also went to a casino one night and played Pai Gow. It was my first time gambling (other than slots) and we came out five bucks ahead!!
We arrived back in New York to mounds of snow piled everywhere! Since Lou's vehicles were buried and he was forced to take a few more days off of work, we went to the movies and paraded around the city in our snow boots. We celebrated New Years eve with a bunch of Florida folks. Here we are at our place toasting to 2011.


Sweet fam.

That's all for my holiday recap. Blessed, for sure.

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