Monday, January 10, 2011

Take it to the Net.

I feel so refreshed and satisfied after the weekend. Friday I sent Louis out to meet his friends and watch basketball. Sometimes (many times), I'm not in the mood for sports on TV. I love watching the magic games. The problem is there are so many games/pre-games/post-games, Mike and Mike in the mornings - that I can hardly stand one more second of sports television. I was able to catch up on the wonderful and intense Grey's Anatomy and begin the series Brothers & Sisters. I'm three episodes in and praying I can convince DeFab to like it.

Saturday we tried to make the $6 before noon movie but it was sold out. I really wanted to see Blue Valentine, so we purchased tickets to the next showing and walked around the city to pass time. It was the best movie theater I've been to in NY: clean, comfy chairs, huge theaters. Blue Valentine was nice and depressing, the way Lou likes it - he's anti "happily ever after". I'm not the best movie reviewer so I'll spare you, but watch the trailer and try to see it. That night we went to one of our neighborhood restaurants for a delicious Asian Fusion meal - sushi and fried rice. I had planned to meet up with friends but it was so chilly that I decided to stay in and catch up on some magazine reading while Lou watched the Magic.

Our street on Friday Morning:

My pup trying to keep warm.


unday we went to Manhasset and strolled around Crate & Barrel and H&M. We are on the hunt for a new couch and of course I can always use a few new outfits. For lunch we had Los Hermanos - an authentic Mexican restaurant a few blocks from our apartment. Louis never orders himself the right thing, so I chose our five items:  spicy pork picado, steak tostada, chicken quesadilla, veggie quesadilla, and veggie tostada. It sounds like a lot but it's all relatively small. The food is so fresh and delectable that I'm already suffering from horrendous cravings. Afterward we picked up household supplies and prepared for a giant cleaning session. Louis manages to make cleaning fun every time. We listened to the new Jenny and Johnny record while scrubbing, organizing, and finally taking down our Christmas tree. I love the feeling of having everything put together and tidy at home. It's the best way to end the weekend and begin a new week. We started watching Basketball Diaries starring a very young Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Walberg, but I was too tired to finish it.

I had the best sleep ever. Why are new sheets always so crisp and hotel like? How do you keep them that way? Starch?


  1. oops that was louis not kcart who wrote love it
    this is louis as well

  2. About those sheets...drop them at the laundry for W&D and ironing. Love getting into my nest with clean, fresh, ironed sheets. At least the pillowcases get ironed in my domain. And no My Lovely, starch is not part of the recipe. xo WBA

  3. Kristen! I love that your dad shared this with me. You are too cute, and sound like you are doing very well. I love your blog. I was talking to my mom the other day and said, "you know if (and that is a very big if) I ever get married, Kristen would have to be there!"...haha. I love you and even if I don't talk to you much, I think of you often. LOVE AND MISS YOU!

  4. Mmm... I feel like eating one of those Santa Fe Salads now

  5. love reading about you little sis!
    miss you mucho! i'm definitely taking my sheets to be pressed from now on...hate it when they are wrinkled, but love having my cleaning fairy to change the sheets! :) i love you.