Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bottles Books & Beer

These social birds were so much fun yesterday. Every day really, but lately we haven't been getting out of the house quite as much. I was really determined there for awhile, but now I give into their natural schedules and love being at home with them. Things are a lot easier at home.  During their naps I get food prepped for dinner, clean, order important things on amazon, and handle my other grown up (nightmare) responsibilities like signing up for health insurance. Speaking of, I feel patient and calm the majority of the time, but let me tell you I'm so tired of calling companies, waiting on hold, answering the same questions twelve times in a row, getting disconnected. Over. It. My new technique is half a second after the computer voice comes on I shout "REPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTATIVE" over and over until I'm transferred to a human. Clearly twin moms did not design these call services. I have no extra minutes in my day and if they don't hurry up a baby is going to wake, then I'm out of commission for another 1-3 hours and next thing we all know it's 6pm and they are closed and I can never go to the doctor again. Anyway. Welcome to Oscar. 

Back to my birds. A real photographer would have moved the diaper genie but hey, it's heavy.

 So Louis got home right in the midst of my insurance madness and the house was a wreck, I was a greasy ball of grime, bed unmade annnnnd the weather was gorgeous. All I wanted was to fast forward so we could get outside and enjoy our day together, but everything takes a lifetime. My productive mood quickly turned to defeat. I complained and was angry for awhile, then took a shower and slapped on some makeup. I did a baby photo shoot because how could I not, and then we went out for a late lunch at Roebling Tea Room. We had lots of kale and greens in a power bowl accompanied by salty, crunchy, perfect french fries. And iced coffee. Then we walked the block to our mailing parcel where we picked up my most recent Amazon finds (makeup, kids books, legal pads, moving dolly) and stopped at Good Company - a bar across the street from our apartment. They have a big outside space and don't mind our double stroller get up, so we hauled ourselves right in for Brooklyn lager in the pretty sunshine. The babies were totally in the mood for a fab hangout because they are so cute and fun.

 Bottles and books and beer

I loved yesterday.

And today...Baby feet kick kick kick
 Booking moves all day every day.....not really but in between stuff whenever I can. I've worked at a computer corresponding with people all day long since 2007 so it brings a bit of normalcy back getting to work with Louis. It's also fun for me to be a part of this business he created. He is always impressing me with his smart businessman ways. 
  Snuggle breaks always

My snoozers will soon be awake so that's all for now my friends. Hope your day is the loveliest! 


  1. Get OUT OF HERE. These babies (and their beautiful parents) are the dreamiest. Love!

  2. What a perfect family. I laugh so hard that I cry at your funny stuff. Louis is so lucky to have you, and you him. But hey, a wife who loves a good cold beer. That's pretty awesome in itself.

  3. With your attitude of Family First you will have the best life! You 4 are just perfect -stay that way and enjoy every minute

  4. Your boys are so flipping cute! I can't take them in their matching "Hey Girl" shirts and beanies. I just want to squeeze their faces! <3

  5. Awesome I loved reading this you are an amazing mom as I knew you would be

  6. You and the boys look so gorgeous, wish I could spend some more time with them. When is Louis going back on tour?

    1. Soon Jake, soon. I will keep you posted for sure. xx

  7. I love those little outfits!! The hats. too much.