Monday, August 5, 2013

Williamsburg Bridge Run, fun times with friends, and the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez

Today is the first day I've had the Monday blues in awhile. Not sure why other than I had such a fun weekend officially come to an end. The weather was gorgeous here. I took some time during the day to walk outside and run a few errands so that I could enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Still, I was happy when work came to an end and I was back at our comfy apartment. 

My weekend started pretty early on Saturday morning. It was sprinkling a little, but luckily the rain never became a downpour and I was able to run the Williamsburg bridge with Jocelyn like we had planned. I normally do a long-ish run on the weekends, and I have been wanting to run the bridge, but I was a little nervous to try it all on my own. I've read it's tricky to get on and dodge the bikers, etc. We made it up with no problems since Joce has done this route several times. It is a pretty steep climb on the way up because we didn't get on where the bridge starts, but I was able to get to the halfway point without stopping. I attempted a few photos but none of them were very good. I think between my huffing and puffing, excitement to be with my friend, and also to be on top of this crazy bridge with the most perfect view - I was a bit distracted. Don't worry, I'll be going back soon to get some better shots and give you an idea of just how pretty this site is. We continued our run to Manhattan, then back to Brooklyn where we started our second loop to McCarren Park and back. It was 6 miles total which was my target for the day. It felt so good to be outside and running without any pains once again.

When I got home I had to take care of a few errands, so by the time I was through with everything I was famished. I whipped up this english muffin with 2 fried eggs and a smoothie. It was super yummy and satisfying.

Soon, Jane arrived. I was so excited to see her because as is the case with most of my best friends, I hadn't gotten to see her in forever. We spent the majority of her visit sitting outside and chatting about everything. I am really surprised my voice wasn't gone by the end of the weekend because I'm pretty sure I never stopped talking for the entire 30 hours or so that she was here. When we lived in Florida Jane and I used to go to Starbucks on saturday mornings and talk for hours over coffee. This kind of reminded me of those days...and I just loved it. As the evening approached we got ready and went to dinner with Louis and cousin Dahni as well, then we continued to a few different neighborhood bars. Later Jocelyn was able to meet up with us..and I was just so, so happy to have a bunch of my favorite people all in one place.


We had such a great night, but it ended a bit later than normal for me, so the next day I was feeling anything but refreshed (if you know what I mean). We went out for a delicious Mexican brunch, I had veggie enchiladas and lots of chips and guac. It pretty much did the trick but since it was a special occasion (duh, Jane was here) we of course headed for ice cream after. I went with lemon italian ice. I will spare you of any pictures of myself because trust me, I wasn't a pretty site. 

I had the best visit with my friend and I am bummed she's gone today. Praying that one day she's closer because it just seems like craziness that we can't have regular hangouts. We NEED to be having regular hangouts. 

Remember my goal for this week? Well, I officially started scheduling my down time today! Went with an easy, fast, but still healthy dinner. Grilled (in coconut oil) whole wheat sandwich with almond butter, strawberries and banana along with a strawberry peach green smoothie (with lots of greens to help balance out the fruit intake). So good.

Now I'm half watching the Yankees game with Louis while I write this. I don't care what anyone says, I love ARod and think its so mean that everyone boos him all the time...even when this "scandal" isn't going on. Rude if you ask me! I really hope he gets outta this mess and gets to finish out his career. I guess it's good they are cleaning up the game, but this happened so long ago, and was given to him by a doctor while recovering from an injury. Whatever the reasoning was behind everything, I am hoping for a happy ending. I won't pretend to know more than I do because remember, when it comes to sports I normally have more thoughts about what all the players are thinking and feeling than I do about the actual game. Oopsie!

What's your go-to meal for an easy but healthy weeknight dinner?

If ARod is clean now, do you think he should get to finish out his career?

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  1. ugh. i miss you guys already. come to the beach in westerly!!!