Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Adventure....real soon.

This year is seriously flying by...and for now..I'm fine with that!
In less than a month.......

Our first 2013 vacation!!! Also...let's be real...first vacation we've ever planned, all on our own. A good friend of mine is getting married next month in San Diego so we decided to make it a week long trip of it. We'll be in Long Beach and LA for the most part, but we'll head to San Diego for her wedding weekend! I'm super excited for so many reasons -

1. the wedding because obviously seeing friends tie the knot is ah-maze
2. never been to San Diego
3. haven't been to California in 10 years.....i am old.
4. i'll get to feel the sun...and see the sun.
5. In-N-Out Burger
6. we'll get to spend time with some of our most favorite friends!!!!!!!
7. love any excuse to go on a vacation with my husband

In the meantime, while it's still freezing in New York, I'll be pulling out my spring and summery items and taking inventory. Then, I'm going shopping. Clearly I'll be needing lots of fabulous new outfits.

Also, thank G tomorrow is Friday.

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  1. still my favorite post of yours, ever.