Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lately in NYC :: Artie Lange, The Who, Annie!

We've been super busy lately, doing a million fun things! Between planning and being spontaneous, our schedules have been packed and we've had great opportunities to take advantage of this amazing city. By the's almost my 3 years in NY anniversary!
For Christmas I got Louis tickets to see Artie Lange. If you haven't heard of him, I was introduced by the Howard Stern Show. Before you start judging, please tell me you have at least listened to Howard Stern recently??? I became a big fan when we lived in Orlando. I spent so much time in my car driving, he was so funny and interesting, and I fell in love. At the time Artie was on the show, but he went through a really rough period with drugs/depression and is no longer a part of it. He seems to be a lot better and is now doing stand up comedy again. I wasn't sure if I'd like his show. I've seen a few comedians live before and am never very impressed. It's always too over the top or vulgar for me. I got the tickets anyway and figured that even if I didn't like it, Louis would!
This show was at the Westbury Theatre on Long Island. When we arrived we got a big soft pretzel and two tallboys. Typically I'm disappointed by those pretzels but I guess Long Island makes them better. There were two quick openers and then Artie!!! I felt a little emotional when I saw him because I think it's so great that he's been able to get his life back on track and do what he loves. We both really enjoyed the show. He was super funny, only a tiny bit vulgar, talked about the Yankees (bashed A Rod), and politely declined a shot that some jerkwad in the audience bought him. I hope that he can keep things together...and I WISH he was able to go back on Howard!  

The Who came to town a couple of weeks ago and our friends Jimi and Naomi mentioned that they were coming to the city to see them. We debated going for about two seconds and then decided we HAD to go because who knows how many more opportunities we'll have to see them live?! They played at the smaller theater at Madison Square Garden, so all the seats were great. It was strange seeing them in real life. I kind of couldn't believe we were there. They performed my two favorite songs: Baba O'Reilly (obv) and Love Reign O'er Me. Amazing. They looked the same from afar as they do on TV only Pete's jump wasn't quite as bouncy. The show was awesome and I'm so glad that we went!!  

My main dream as a kid was to play Annie. When I was super little I was a no-name orphan in a local theater production of the show, and from that point on I was hooked. I sang Maybe, The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, Never Fully Dressed, Hard Knock Life...over and over again to my poor father at the top of my lungs for several years. Eventually, a dinner theater held auditions for Annie Warbucks, the sequel to Annie, and I knew I had to be in it. I auditioned and got the part of Tessie (the "Oh My Goodness" girl if you happen to be familiar with the story) and my adoration continued to grow.

My love clearly never faded because when I found out it was going to be back on Broadway, I started putting on my own private performances for Louis, singing the songs noted above. The other night he randomly found super cheap tickets on sale for the next day, so he bought them! I was so excited and also hopeful that he'd like the show.

It was perfect. The little orphans and Annie were all so talented and adorable. Mr. Warbucks, Miss Hannigan, Grace...all of my faves were amazing!! Louis loved the political spin AND the orphanage scenes. He really, really loved it and of course I did as well.

 So, that's what we've been up to! Happy Wednesday! Anyone have fun weekend plans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day??


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  1. What great memories. And don't forget you were a paid actress and I would pick you up late after every show.

    Another memory was that I had to go to DC and you had to come a day or so later because of your show. And you had to leave a day or so before I did.

    When I took you to the airport your flight was going to be late and I was going to miss meeting people at Chesapeake Bay Crab House, as they locked the door at a certain time.

    And we saw Jeanine Clem (now Thomas)the head Orlando Magic Dancer and she said she would get you to Orlando and to the folks picking you up. We cleared it with tha airline and you were thrilled as we loved Jeanine from your days as a Jr Magic Dancer. Ah, the memories.