Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Random things about my life lately...

1. I love my job. I'm learning tons and having the best excited to go in every day!

2. Louis bought us TON of veggies from Costco for juicing. We've been having juice 2/3 meals for the past couple days which makes me feel amazing. Haven't really been following recipes, just mixing up 2 batches each time - Greens & Apples----Carrots, Citrus, & Apples. So delicious I don't think I'll ever be tired of it.

3. Today I ran six miles!! I am not a runner....never have been a runner so this is a big accomplishment for me. I've been trying to add a mile a week. So far, so good. I never thought I'd actually enjoy it, but I do?!

4. Louis had some free time over the weekend and we got to hang out together for really the first time since we got back from California. We went to some of our fave lunch spots, walked around the city...annnnnnd started watching Game of Thrones. So. Good. It was perfect hanging out just us all weekend. I had been dying to sit on the couch with our pup and watch a TV show and it finally happened. 

5. I had to wear a winter coat yesterday. It's May. I wish the weather would just settle on being a little bit warmer and a little bit sunnier. 

6. Going to Florida Friday. I'm really excited. Skaebo is getting married!! I cannot wait to hang out with a bunch of friends and celebrate a best friend's wedding! Friday can't come soon enough. 

Told you this was random. Hope you are all having a fun week!!


  1. Recognize those Costco carrots. Finished a bag tonight.

    What are you doing in a ballet studio? I see those barres. Jaja

  2. Game of Thrones is AMAZING!!!! I'm glad you're on board. Now we can talk about it every sunday.