Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tooje in Town

My dad came to visit last week and it was the most wonderful time ever! The weather was beautiful which was great since he is one active fellow and likes to be out and about in NYC. We started the trip off with delicious barbeque at Fette Sau - pulled pork, brisket, broccoli salad, sweet rolls...gosh so darn amazing. 

We went to see Pippin and to the Yankee game....Yankees won and it was such a beautiful day. It was just perfect being in the sunshine and walking around the pretty stadium. We sipped Blue Moons and had lunch at Mohegan Sun. Pippin was fabulously insane!! It wasn't like anything I've seen - tons of gymnastics and magic, great music, dancing, and I loved the story. My dad and I have always loved going to musicals together. When we used to visit the city when I was younger we'd go to the theater every day..sometimes twice!

We ran a few errands - Tooje always has a million things to pick up while he's in the states since apparently not everything can be found in Mexico - he seems to be quite particular about his socks. 

We went to Diner which was so delicious and enjoyed a day walking around Williamsburg, stopped at Smorgasburg for a pretty view of the city and popsicles. Then at night went out for Mexican food and margaritas to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. 

We spent one night chopping veggies and using the new juicer that my dad got for us. My dad is the best cook so I love anytime we can jerk around in the kitchen together...even if we are just juicing!!

The trip was so much fun...and I was pretty bummed on Tuesday when he left. I love New York but always miss our parents. I wish everyone could be just a little bit closer and that flying was a little less terrifying expensive. So grateful for sweet them tons and tons!! Thanks, Dad for a great visit!

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  1. A special visit indeed. You and Louis are so wonderful and you both make all of us proud.

    That wonderful dinner was at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill on Fifth Avenue between 15th and 16th in the Union Square area. It seems like every menu item has a chili influence, not hot and spicy but just the right amount of good flavor. I love that place.

    Love You KFab