Tuesday, November 5, 2013

apple eating apple picking

We have been slightly off the healthy living train and very much on the we love treats train. Workouts have been slim to none. Morning coffee time on the couch has become my new favorite thing. Breakfasts together. Sleeping longer. I always get into a bit of a slump (workout wise) around this time of the year...but I feel happy and grateful to be enjoying every single bit of the fall. We did manage to eat well last week...made a big pot of soup that lasted a few days. Made roasted veggies. Stuffed peppers. Lunches and breakfasts for every day. I just tend to sneak in more treats than normal lately which will just have to be okay.

Last weekend we made a little gettaway out of the PJ Hartford show. We packed a bag and our pup and went to a lovely little hotel in beautiful Connecticut. Whenever we a do a drive through the northeast, I am always taken aback by how pretty it is. Growing up in a place where there is no change of seasons, I can't seem to get enough of the cool, crisp air, the gorgeous colorful leaves everywhere, the hills, and the trees. I've always wanted to take a day to go apple picking, and we were finally able to do it on this trip. We started the apple fest with apple cider donuts and apple cider...which I will say I've been craving both ever since. Then we began our picking adventure. We picked and chomped on delicious apples, even breaking off little pieces here and there for our pup. I felt like I was living in a movie...it was just so pretty and fun. We ended up with two big bags...I forget how many pounds but I believe it was more than a couple. I thought maybe I'd make a pie but I was in such a sugar coma that I decided on a big batch of fresh juice. We used the rest for apple peanut butter throughout the week. As of today we only have 2 lil apples left!


I am not sure about you, but I'm really in the mood for applesauce. And apple pie or a cobbler. But I'll settle for apple sauce this week.


  1. Love these pics! I wish we had more of a "fall" down here (and local apple orchards). I too have been on the treat train... and my morning workouts have disappeared. I think its a product of evolution and gearing down for winter (a theory which makes me feel better at least). xo

    1. Thanks! I just read a bunch of your blog...I love it. I thought I added it to my bloglovin but I guess I didn't so I was way behind. Anyway, the change of seasons still feels so new to me and this is my fourth fall/winter. You'll have to make a trip up to the NE before it gets too crazy cold. I am hoping that with the brighter mornings early workouts are easier again? I've been in the habit for so long...not sure what's going on with me but glad to hear I'm not alone. :)