Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Warriors

Babykid time weekend was a success. We did all things that I imagine most kids want to do. We said yes to basically everything (sometimes you HAVE to wear a coat outside when it's 40somethingdegrees) and jammed as much fun into 2 days as I believe is possible with a 3 and 5 year old. 

Don't be fooled, Townshend only stopped by for the pizza party. We weren't quite brave enough to keep this guy AND the other 2 in our tiny apartment. He was so cute during the hangout though - I definitely considered keeping him. 

 A quick game of cards while we waited on the pizza. 
 Find the 3s…because he is 3. 
 Movie night snuggles with Uncle Lou.
 We survived night 1 and started our Saturday with headstands of course. 
 A little relaxation time. This was fun for 3 minutes.
 Snacks and a walk to the park.

 Snacks were more fun than playing so we had some more.
 Then we went home for hot chocolate because it was cold.
 Uncle Louis came home and everyone was ready to partayyyy.
 Spiderman everything, always.
 They like comic book movies so we went to Thor in 3D. They were so good. The seat kept swallowing Jack so I got to hold him on my lap.
Real food and conversation.

 Late night color party!
 Sunday morning - taking care of business. 
 Off we went for a lady date!
 Rainbow manicure for the little. 
 Because she's the coolest. 
 A tiny breakdown on the way to the car. 
 And then…a Farm Museum in Glen Oaks.

 You wanna go on a pony ride lets go on a pony ride. 

 My personal favorite part of the weekend, hide and seek in the corn maze. We were the only four people…and we raced around there…girls against boys..for an hour. It was perfect. 

I loved sharing the weekend with these sweet people. They've been some of my favorites since they were born. Can't wait till our next dancing treat eating coloring chasing laughing party happens again. They're just the best.

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