Monday, July 1, 2013

Days with Mama Bird

There's just something about Moms...something comforting and wonderful. Especially my very own.

This weekend I got to visit my sweet mama in Charlotte. It was the best. We ate delicious, healthy foods, and maybe a few treats. We sat on her beautiful front porch and talked away for hours. We went to  church and I was able to meet some of her new lovely friends. It is really interesting to me just how similar we are - we enjoy the same things and every feeling that I've had, I really believe she's experienced at some time or another as well. Perhaps this is normal for mothers and daughters, but I feel like we have the most special bond and I'm so very grateful for that.

I didn't get too many pictures, but here are a few. Some you will notice look quite similar to the ones that I take on a daily basis, because we are just alike I tell you! We drove around and looked at houses she lived in and schools she attended. She wouldn't let me get out of the car to take any photos but I was able to get this picture of a house she lived in as a little girl.

And here are the rest, just bopping about and doing our thing. 


I was quite sad to leave yesterday afternoon. Not to come home, but to be once again far away from her. I'm still sad thinking about it today. This happens every time. I pray that one day we can have weeknight dinners and weekend coffee dates together and mainly, that our visits aren't so few and far between.

Also, here is me and my girlfriend curling our hair.
Just kidding. I'm sure I've showed you this before, but you see, we are twinsies!!

Love you, Mom. Please move to New York.


  1. Glad you very special gals had such a special girlie weekend.

    Scary you you look so much alike at 17 or whenever that was. Skinny legs and all. Lol

    Love you both.

  2. love this sweet blog nothing more special or sacred than the bond between a mom and her daughter....(except for a mom and her son) so happy that you had a great time. some day mamma will be closer I can feel it in my to yo both

  3. So sweet! Your blue nails look fab!! Love and miss you both so much!