Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our thoughts on the BluePrint Cleanse

So it's been awhile and we've been are our final thoughts on our first cleansing experience.

Why did you do it?
K: Curiosity was a big reason. I read a lot about the benefits of cleansing and I wanted to see how it would work for me, and if I could do it. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to know if I'd really have more energy, focus, and clarity.

L: I was pretty curious to see if I could do it. I am really good at being strict with do's & dont's when it comes to food. I am terrible at moderation, so I figured that this would be a good mental test - on top of the fact that Kristen was doing it. I thought it would be fun to do together.

How did you feel?
K: I never felt hungry during the mornings and afternoons. I did start to get cravings around 4 or 5pm every day, but since I spaced out the juices it never got THAT bad, except for that one time at the movie theater. I felt full of energy which I was really surprised by because I typically need coffee in the morning and again at least once during the day to keep my energy up. I felt super focused, as though I had consumed a lot of caffeine but without the jitters.

L:I really felt great & I am not making that up. I was surprised at how great I felt.The hardest part was not having the rituals that go along with eating. I am mover so when I wake up in the morning I like to get a GIANT iced coffee & smoke a cigarette. Instead I was drinking something that looked like sea weed. My whole day is typically broken up by what we are eating, when are we eating and who we are eating with. During the cleanse I just had Kristen & my juice.

K: Actually, I agree with Louis on that. Searching for recipes, planning meals, going to the market, preparing food, and enjoying it together is something I really missed during the cleanse. I know it was only three days, but I felt like I didn't know what to do with myself a few times - especially after work and on the weekend. So physically I felt amazing. Emotionally? Deprived!

How did you sleep?
K: The sleep was one of my favorite parts of the cleanse. I am a really light sleeper and need earplugs and eye covers in order to fall asleep. I wake up a few times during the night and although I am a morning person I often wake up still feeling sleepy. During the cleanse, by the end of each day, I didn't feel overly exhausted, I just felt ready for bed. I didn't wake up during the night and felt like I slept really heavily. I woke up easy in the mornings and actually did feel energetic and rested.

L: I passed right out & slept great. Part of the reason must have been because Kristen slept so great and I did not have to deal with her moving around non stop.

Did you lose weight?
K: I do not weigh myself on a regular basis because I live a healthy lifestyle. I find that focusing on what I actually weigh is not productive. When I first started working out, though I was happy with the results, as I gained weight from building muscle I would get frustrated. So I stopped weighing myself. I did step onto the scale before the cleanse just because I wondered if I'd lose weight or just water weight from this. I lost 4 pounds during the cleanse. I have been weighing every couple of days and I've gained back 1 pound back, but kept a total of 3 pounds off. While weight loss wasn't my goal, I know it is for some people so I figured I'd track it. If you have a lot of extra weight to lose and weight loss is your goal, you will most likely lose more weight and if you maintain healthy habits afterward, you should be able to keep it off. This cleanse is a great way (in my opinion) to jump start your healthy lifestyle routine.

L: I lost about 9lbs & I was super pumped but of course I gained 6 back.

Do you feel any different now?
K: Actually, yes! While I don't feel AS amazing as I did on the cleanse, I've been motivated to make some changes in my day to day life which have kept me feeling great. During the cleanse I realized that I really require a lot less food to make me feel satisfied. I also became aware of the foods that I crave and don't crave. I decided that unless I was really having a desire for one of the unhealthy things we eliminated during that week, I wasn't going to have them. Also, I hardly crave anything bad anymore. Before the cleanse I maintained a healthy diet, however there were times that I craved pizza, french fries, cheese, chocolate, cake, etc. Now, I really don't crave any of those things except chocolate and I don't even feel the need to have that as much as I used to.

I've kept a few things out of my diet - dairy (minus the chocolate) and coffee. I don't want to be someone who requires a special menu and diet in social situations (not that there's anything wrong with that), so for family/friend get togethers I have had cheese a couple times, but I have stopped keeping it in our home, ordering it out, snacking on it, and adding it to everything I make for a bit of extra flavor. We rarely had milk at home before as I have never been much of a milk drinker, and I eliminated yogurt from my diet a few months ago. I used to add yogurt to smoothies to bulk them up a bit, or I'd enjoy it with fruit, but since it's not a flavor I must have regularly nor do I need it for nutrition, I cut it out of my diet. As for the coffee, I haven't had any in 1 month (well, 1 month Wednesday). If I want it, I'll get it, but I just haven't been in the mood. I've been enjoying lots of tea and limit teas with caffeine to morning time only.

L: I really blew it after the cleanse, I was so pumped about how great we did & how healthy we were eating pre & post but as soon as there were no more rules I could not resist the temptation of bacon egg and cheese sandwiches at the local bodega. I will say I do feel even more guilty every time I eat something bad but I am really trying to get back on track.

Would you do it again?
K: We are both ready for the second cleanse and are just trying to figure out the right time. I think, after our Cali vacation, and again after May. We crave juice all the time, and have been getting it at Organic Planet a few times each week. I still need to get a new juicer that lets me use leafy greens and more veggies, but for now the corner store works for me.

L: I cant wait to do it again, its a little pricey which is a major bummer but I think its worth it.

We love the juice!!

If you have any specific questions about juicing or BluePrint Cleanse, feel free to reach out!

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