Monday, April 1, 2013

Long Island Easter

 We had such a great little weekend! Charsy came to town for Easter! Not only do I love when family visits, but I love a holiday weekend and get together. Louis and I both had work during her first two days, but luckily got to squeeze in one dinner in the city before she went to Long Island. Since the office closed early on Friday, I started out the weekend with a quick visit to Dry Bar for a blowout! I've never done that before, but some of my girl friends and I went out for a cocktail the night before and randomly made an appointment for the next day. I really loved it! You get your hair washed, then pick a style, and enjoy champagne while they fancy up your hair. So fun!
When I got home we packed our stuff for the weekend, grabbed Lucy, and were off to Long Island. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse Friday night, then came home and decorated eggs.  I actually decorated 1 egg and it was a little boring looking, but it was fun!
Saturday we took a little day trip with Louis's Aunt, Uncle, cousins and of course Charsle to brunch and Southampton. We also stopped on the way to see where Char used to work and where they used to live. When we got to Southampton we walked around to a few adorable shops, my new fave and obsession being Alex and Ani. Louis and char were sweet enough to buy me some cute lil bangles, and I was so excited to start my stack! I got my sorority letters, birthstone, a compass, and a beaded one. I love them and can't wait to go to the Soho store. Saturday night we went to the Pie for pizza, which is my most favorite pizza in all of New York. At least it's my most favorite out of everything I've tried.

Sunday morning we went to a diner for breakfast and then back to Aunt Jo's for Easter. We drank daqueris, ate snacks, and talked to lots of people until it was time for dinner. I wish I took pictures of the food because it was seriously so delicious. It was all Italian and my favorite was the eggplant rolatini. So. good. I loved hanging around her house all day, watching the kids and adults be hilarious, and chatting with some of my favorite people.

I loved our weekend! I can't wait until we one day have a place big enough so that we can host  holiday get togethers, but I'm also grateful that we have such sweet family up here who we get to join for celebrations.
Hope all of you had a fun couple of days. The weather is starting to warm up here...I'm so ready for the sun!!

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  1. Louis always hangs with the pretty and the funny ladies. Kristen and Charsy are both both. I know that is bad grammar but it has a ring to it.

    Love you all.