Sunday, March 10, 2013

BluePrint Cleanse :: Day 3

7:30am Can't believe I didn't eat a jar of peanut butter last night. Back to bed now.

9:45am Time to wake up. Feeling good, skinny, ready to get this day going.

10:45am To gym or not to gym...

11:30am Made it. Strong, motivated, feels good to move and stretch.

1pm So gorgeous out. Ready to enjoy the day...refreshed and satisfied.

2pm Full from PAM. Catching up on my shows from the week while Lucy and DeFab snooze.

4:30pm Trekking through the mall...cleanse activity. Stay away from Cinnabon.

6:30pm Starbucks hot tea to tide me over till movie time.

7:30pm Prepared tonight...brought my beet juice. Today is a million times better than yesterday...not too hungry or having any crazy cravings.

9:46pm I can't believe we haven't had food for three days.

10pm Still love the cashew milk.

10:49pm Ready for Cleanse 2...who needs food?

We broke the cleanse this morning. I actually feel like I could continue juicing another day. Addicted to juice! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend. I'm praying today passes really slowly...once Louis gets home from work, of course. 

*Recap of my thoughts on this whole experience will be up in a few days! 

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