Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Seattle

When I first met Louis, I remember him frequently talking about Seattle. He constantly mentioned his supposed move across the country, and I'd tell him, "If you plan on moving, we might as well break up now...being that we've been dating a whole 2 months and all." The "might as well break up now" was a joke for a long time after that because I'd bring it up whenever something seemed non-negotiable. Anyway, at that time I hadn't ever been to Seattle. About a year and a half or so later I got to accompany him on a vacation to sweet Charsaroo's and she, along with the city, became two of my favorite things ever. I finally understood Louis's fascination. When I talk to people about my love for Seattle, they typically bring up the fact that it rains alot. It actually has about the same amount of rainfall as Florida and New York, but I get it, it's overcast a lot of the time. Despite the cloudy weather, I find it to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited. I love the streets, buildings, mountains, views you get as you drive over the bridges, and all of the character that it has to offer. I absolutely love living in New York, but I still sometimes imagine Louis and I having a life in this wonderful place. 

We've been having an amazing Christmas trip so far. The company is always great and usually after five minutes of being here my cheeks are sore from laughing. I love bopping around this town and jerkin around the house with my Mother-In-Law and I'm so grateful that I've gotten to experience Christmas in the Pacific Northwest for the past five or six years. 

Here's a look at what we've been doing for the past couple days - 

Dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse
  City stroll after the EMP Museum

Underneath the Space Needle
  Quick stop at Guitar Center
 Beautiful home

 Christmas Eve at the Keg, our favorite Steakhouse

Christmas morning


 Charsle's Delicious Christmas Dinner

 Loving this feast and my new American Apparel hoodie
 Homemade pumpkin
 New slips

Favorite new vintage dress
 West Seattle, Capital Hill, Downtown

 My favorite restaurant here, The Pink Door



Easy Street Records - got a new Dolly Parton, Manhattan and the Sound of Music Soundtracks

Well, we have a ferry to catch so I'll be back later!! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.


  1. Love it.

    If you ever live there you will be ok with the Sur La Table.

    Where is the Stuster?

  2. Well, I am homesick for Seattle now. The fun, the energy, the love, and the most wonderful Love-in-laws in the world. I hope not to miss "Christmas in Seattle" next year. I look forward to seeing Seattle with the Neales in February. Loves to all.