Friday, January 4, 2013


I must say, I'm feeling extremely blessed and hopeful going into 2013. Last year I was looking forward to getting married, and this year I'm just excited to be married and enjoy life with my family and friends. I have been thinking, not too much, but a little, about what my resolutions should be this year. I've decided to go with more of a mindset than actual goals. I still have things on my list from last year to cross off - which I realized yesterday when I looked back  to see what the heck my resolutions were for 2012. So. Starting four days ago - I'm going to focus on embracing the little details of life, feeling good, living healthy and peacefully, and loving a lot. I want to work on finding peace even the scary, sad, annoying moments of life. I know, freakouts on the subway and that sort of thing are probably in my DNA (somehow) and nearly impossible to combat, but I'm going to try to at least lessen their severity and occurances. It sounds like a lot to think about - but if you want to do the whole -- cup half full or empty spin, you can just say that I want to get rid of negative energy and increase the positive.
Aileen and I went and got new planners yesterday. I seriously get so excited over a new planner! I've been filling mine out all day and adding little stickers that I had leftover from my calendar from last year. I guess it's the inner 11 year old in me. I wish they made Lisa Frank monthly view planners. Maybe they do.

 And...this is how we celebrated the arrival of the new year:
 We went to Yardley & Kristin's again for their NYE party. Obviously it was crazy and amazing and even had a red carpet! I wish I got a picture of the food table because everything was really good. I made stuffed mushrooms and put together a hummus plate. My favorite thing was the ricotta and beet salad. I need to make that. Y&K are moving at the end of this month and we are pretty bummed about that. We are counting on their visits back every few weeks.
I'm looking forward to getting settled this weekend. We still have a bit to unpack from our Seattle trip along with food shopping and home organizing.
Happy first weekend of the New Year!!

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