Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Loveliest of times

Monday marked 2 months of being engaged! Time has been passing ever so quickly. We've had lots of family time over the past few weeks which has been so much fun and such a blessing. I do wish that travel was less expensive, vacation days were more plentiful, and the distances not as far, but...I'll take what I can get.

I've crossed one more thing off of the wedding to-do list. I have officialy asked my bridal party to be part of our day. Being a girl who has only a handful of close friends in my life, I could probably have had 15 bridesmaids, but that wasn't quite conducive to our venue and it would have left little room for groomsmen. SO - I will have 2 Maids of Honor, 5 bridesmaids, and 1 sweet little flower girl standing beside me on our special day. All are precious to me in their own way, and I'm grateful to have unique and wonderful relationships with each of them.

Here are the cards I gave to my girls. The brand is however I ordered them from . I pretty much love everything on both of these sites.

Pretty Maid and Fiancé.

Me and Sista Maid dress shopping.

Cutest lil princess who is also our Flower Girl!!

Me and Dad after signing papers for the venue!

Sweet Mom. All my recent pics of her are dress shopping and I can't be posting this will do. Dream. Just enjoying a tartufo.

With Charslebird on the brooklyn bridge!!

This is blurry but I still love it...2 of my best girls at the Lovely Bridal Shop with me...such a fun day.

I love this...

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