Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Everything seems to be way more fun now that I'm engaged:
baking, cleaning, walking the dog, putting away laundry, cooking dinner, making breakfast, choosing outfits, painting my nails, sipping wine, EVERYTHING!

I'm trying to decide how I will document this next year so that I don't forget any of the details, ever. Should I do it here? My wedding website (which I don't have set up yet)? A handwritten journal? I purchased a notebook that is going to be my wedding notebook, but so far all that I've written is my wedding date. Or maybe I wrote my engagement date. I can't remember.

We did find a wedding venue...and we have an official date. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I spend all my time daydreaming and trolling around through other peoples' wedding websites and facebook pictures.

Also....we have been celebrating:

And here is a picture of us at our venue, but I'm not revealing any details YET:

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  1. so exciting! have you seen anthropologie's wedding line? beautiful....