Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

Today work was delayed due to icy weather. How fab! I only came in one hour late but I had the most amazing morning ever. I put our laundry away and set up the new towels in our bathroom. Sipped on coffee. Watched last week's Regis and Kelly with Brooke Shields. Ate a cinnamon crumpet. Made lunches for myself and Louis. O. M. G. Maybe I should wake up at 4am from now on so that I have several extra hours to lounge around.

I have been a little in the dumps since my mom left...I always get that way after a wonderful visit with her. Just sad to see her go. We had a perfect weekend together. We ate out, ordered in, cooked, went shopping, watched movies, and she helped me organize my "closet". Now of course I am motivated to stay on top of things, and so far so good. Moms have a way of making a place so homey and comfortable. Whether it's helping me purge the unneccessary, or angling things on the counter just right, I absolutely love all of her sweet touches to our apartment.

Valentine's Day is almost here. Is anyone doing anything fun? When I was a kid, Valentine's Day was one of my most favorite holidays - the parties in school, themed cards, sugary junk food...oh man. So fun. My mom always used to make me a cute package with things like Russel Stover's candy and Valentine's Day socks. In 6th grade she threw the Valentine's Day party for my class. She brought the fanciest treats: black and white cookies and chocolate rugalah. Gosh, I could use some rugalah.

Welp...if you are looking to send cute cards this year, you should go to my friend's etsy site.I just received my order from her and they are so adorable. You have to copy and paste the link below because my linkmaker is not working.


  1. Not gonna lie
    I love your blog

  2. happy almost valentine's day, kcart. i'm sorry you're blue- i get the same way after my family leaves. i'm wishing you many snow days and lots of love.


  3. you're so cute little bird! i know you were praying for a snow day and not just a little delay! shoot. i hope you have a wonderful afternoon! i love you!

  4. i always miss your blogs! i'm glad you're faring well in the snowy mess. i'm not! haha! i miss bare legs and rite aid shoes! but i did get amazing boots for a dollar so i guess that's a plus!

    miss you!