Friday, April 1, 2011

screaming for sunscreen


I made it through the winter, and am still surviving the wintery "spring", however I'm quite ready for the warmer weather to arrive. The cold was wonderful and not a problem through December, maybe even January, but it's time for the snowyrainSNIRT days to come to an end.

Life has become unexpectedly busier than ever, the days longer than ever. I keep reminding myself that "busy" is what I've been asking for! My mind is being challenged in new ways for sure. I've travelled three times for work which I really enjoy. I like getting to meet people in other markets who have different roles within the company - and of course I love hotels. Speaking of travel, this past year I've taken nine round trips, 18+ flights (a few plane changes), which means I'm no longer even the slightest bit nervy when flying. Hooray for the folks who have to sit next to me.

I absolutely, cannot wait, until SUMMER!!!! It's crazy how different the lifestyle becomes here during the cold months. In October I was looking forward to movie nights at home on my couch - which were cozy and delightful. These days I dream about lunches in the park, sun, market shopping, rooftop bbqs and festivals. Thankfully this summer Louis will be here to do alllll of these super amazing things with me. I never thought I'd miss the sun on my much.

Next weekend I'll be partaking in some of those activities in Orlando for my sista's birthday celebration. Looking forward to family and sweet friends...and sun.

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  1. I remember when everyone kept telling you about the cold before you left. "You know, it's really cold up there" Glad to see you made it :)