Friday, November 6, 2015

These days.

This time last year we were on a west coast trip which started in San Diego, stopped in LA, and ended in Seattle. I dreamt of the getaway for months and couldn't wait to visit some of my very best friends. The vacation turned out a little different than planned because I was newly pregnant, and ill at the thought of eating as well as not eating. Turns out the first trimester is not the most fun traveling companion. We slept a lot. Lounged in hotels. Drove. It was our last trip together that involved a plane ride. We were in the most nerve wracking phase of our pregnancy, but being together just us with no work or day to day stresses, and talking about everything with sweet friends brought some excitement to our situation.

I imagined what today would look like for a whole year but I can't really remember what I imagined. Maybe I could never really picture it. Yesterday a friend asked me what we do everyday so I've been thinking about that. What do we do?

The days are both long and short, but by the end, I am always tired and always wishing I could wake up my sweet boys for one more hug and kiss.

The babies are starting to notice each other. They stare at each other and sometimes smile. They chew on each other's hands. They also just realized they have hands. If I smile at them, they giggle. They fall asleep in their Papa's arms. They are rarely not smiling. They squeal and chirp and squeak and scream. Usually with joy. We go from couch, to floor, to bed, to bumbo, to swing and repeat all day long singing songs, listening to records, playing with toys and having bottles. Sometimes I pretend to be exasperated while I pick up toys - "sheesh boys, you have really made a mess today." Really, I just love seeing their little things everywhere and I love picking them up and putting them away.

We went to 2 sing alongs this week. Sing alongs are tricky with twins, but watch out singleton mamas, once my boys are sitting up I'll join the rest of you, with the racing and cramming to get my kids a front row spot in the circle. Today I held Sonny for 2 songs, bounced him around, waved his chubby little arms, then quickly fastened him back into his carseat stroller position and attempted to pry Rocco out for his turn, when I realized he was asleep. Shist. How anyone could fall asleep during that madness I will never know. By the end both babies were sound to sleep but I think that they loved it. I'm sure they did. Then we walked around the neighborhood and like always, I felt like proudest mama alive.

Being a twin mom is (so far) extra cool because everyone wants to talk about it. And I mean everyone. Most days I even meet a twin or parents of twins. We exchange stories and I ask if their kids are best friends. Anyway, it's kind of like being in a club only we don't fit anywhere and I'm doing too much juggling to talk to any other club members.

They are currently the most perfect size for holding and hugging and I can't imagine even one thing that feels better than this. 

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