Monday, November 2, 2015

Tiny Treats

Sike. I was not back to my old self because I was overtaken with bronchitosaurus. That's the boy mom version. The good news for me and everyone else is that today I'm back to my old self thanks to some steroids, antibiotics, codeine and lots of sleep courtesy of Louis.  So the past week or so I have been hacking my life away but still doing fun stuff in

Happy Halloween!
Or Treat?!
Skeleton Twins?
Tiny. Nighties.
Trick Or Treating neighborhood block party partyyyy!
Midday Modeling Shoot. 
Trying not to get the baby sick but he's so cute all I want to do is jam my face against his gooey squishiness. 
Babies let's please have a nap.
Poor tiny may have gotten a little bit sick. 
But first I forgot about our Tuesday movie date. Nothing like jarring music and subtitles for Hawks with Babies but hey, it's the first bad movie we've seen at this baby event. And I had a beer so it's still a win. 
Sweet baby loves his toy even while napping.
Marathoning in the hood.
And today after the pediatrician (babies have a tiny cold but they are fine thank goodness), the most beautiful fall weather and walk through the park.
Snack time at home...jams till noon is all the rage. 
Lounge seession.
Dream babies breakin my heart with this hand holding. 
Roll practice. 
Besties playtime.
Snoozey boo while mama gets some work done.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! My little skeletons obviously loved it and I certainly enjoyed eating the Reeses Pieces. I'm excited for this week, hope you are too!

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  1. Laughing, smiling and tears of joy while reading and seeing the joys of "Twindom"