Thursday, July 11, 2013

Full Body Workout - Cardio, Strength, & Endurance

When it comes to exercising, it's easy, and also good to an extent to get stuck in a routine. For the past three years, there have been some things that I've stuck with (insanely early workouts) and some things that I have experimented with - MySore Yoga, Cardio & Circuit Training, Cardio Only (and by that I mean the elliptical..a lot of the elliptical), Cardio switch ups (stairs, elliptical, walking at an incline, intervals on treadmill) and specific body parts per day type workouts. Lately, I'm doing a lot of high intensity cardio and full body workouts that require very few, if any machines. I've also become obsessed with running. I never imagined that would ever happen, but it officially has. I love running! It's not something that came naturally or easily for me, but this year I've been doing a lot of it, setting goals for myself, and slowly pushing myself to run longer and harder. 

Recently, I've gotten some questions about about my fitness/health routine. Usually I'm asked things like, "why are you always juicing?" "what is in that juice?" "does it taste disgusting?" Well, let me assure you that I'm not on an all liquid diet I simply love smoothies and juice, how they taste and how they make me feel. I also love the convenience of them - sip while you get ready, while you're at work, while you're on the go. Regardless of all that, I have been getting some fun questions about exercise. It's something I haven't talked about too much in this blog, but that's a big part of my every day life and has been for quite some time. So, I'm happy to share some of what works for me, with you! 

Here is a workout that's become one of my favorites. I do a variation of this a couple of times a week, along with a few days of running only. 

There are several ways to modify this so that it's easier or harder, this is really just a framework or guide that you can follow. 

You're an expert: Add an additional 2 miles at the end of the workout. Up the # of burpees. Grab a heavier kettle bell. Hold planks for more than a minute. 

You're overwhelmed: Start out with intervals of walking/running or doing some kind of high intensity cardio for 15-20 minutes that you feel more comfortable with. Start with 10 burpees. Modify the burpees. 

Someone asked me yesterday, "what is a burpee?!" Well, skip to about 2:45 on this video for a good example. Don't worry, my burpee is no where near as beautiful and springy as that! There are a few variations you can do of this, for example take out the pushup until you have the strength/endurance to add it back. You can find descriptions or videos for any of the exercises  above online, or I'm happy to explain if you have specific questions. 

Well, that's it!! Tomorrow is a rest day for me. I'm looking forward to some extra sleep!

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