Friday, July 12, 2013

I Like It: If you haven't read this, read it!

I recently was searching for a good book to read. And by good I don't mean my typical choice of a cheesy, over the top romance novel. To my defense, those really are the easiest books to find, get sucked into, and stay focused on during my subway ride when people are yapping loudly and ramming into me because they need to get off at - Union Square. Yeah jerkwad...Im getting off at union square and EVERYONE IS GETTING OFF AT UNION SQUARE. Plus, lately all the popular, steamy, romance novels have a sequal so when I'm done with one, zero effort is required in finding my next bit of reading material.
I was at the airport when I finished book #3 in a series not worth mentioning, and as I was scrolling around through the NY Times bestsellers I stumbled across this lil gem. Sure, I've heard of the book, but I've read very few memoirs, if any? As discussed, I'm a - by default - romance girl...but really more of a suspense girl - what is taking Gillian Flynn so long to write her next book??? So anyway, I LOVE Mean Girls (once I was even called one) so I thought what the heck I'll get this book.
And now? Step aside Kristen Wiig because Tina Fey has replaced you as my dream BFF. I sometimes shy away from comedians and comedy...and you will rarely hear me laughing during a book, movie or tv show. I didn't "laugh out loud" during this book either, but I found her story to be full of wit and humilty and she's amazingly dry and real. Basically, she says things that I want to say and that I know I'll be thinking....someday. How do I know? Because I already told you that we are basically the same person. Louis says this is why people love Tina....she's relatable. I say, nah, we are going to be great friends.
If you're a girl, get this book. If you're a working girl, definitely get this book.

What amazingly awesome good books have you read lately?

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