Sunday, April 21, 2013

Five and a half years ago....

I hate the whole five and a half years ago schtick. Have you ever noticed how everyone on facebook is constantly celebrating an anniversary of some sort? Three years ago today....I spotted the love of my life. Two years ago today...I found my favorite taco place. A year ago today...I sprained my ankle. Proud to say 6 months ago today we conceived our first child. I have never partaken in this sort of documentation, until now. Anyway. Five and a half years ago I really did begin my first job (if you don't count Planet Smoothie and Hollister) at Clear Channel in Orlando. Three years ago I got to move to New York thanks to that job. Last week was my last day....and tomorrow I start my new adventure at an agency in NYC. I'm really excited but also nervous!! Missing my faves from work already but so glad to have such amazing friends up here. Have you ever started a new job? I think it feels like the first day of highschool. I picked out my outfit, got my hair done, and got a manicure. I'm all set....just praying I sleep tonight!!

Thanks to all these girls for the best going away party!!!

Hope all of you have an awesome week!!

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