Saturday, April 20, 2013

California Dreaming

We really had the best vacation ever. It's taken me awhile to post this because between going back to work, unpacking, and every day life I haven't had the chance to go through our millions of pictures! I was finally able to today -  and I really enjoyed reliving our vacation week. The weather was gorgeous, we went swimming, sipped cocktails, took beautiful drives, we hung out with some of our best friends, ate delicious food, celebrated a marriage, and visited our future  Benji's amazing neighborhood. 

I have so, so, many pictures I want to share, so click below if you're interested!


Long Beach

Pacific Coast Highway & San Luis Obispo

San Diego Wedding

Back to LA...Beverly Hills & Silver Lake

 I must say, I never thought that I'd visit a place in the United States that I would love as much as I love New York, but I may have?! We were only there for a week, and we were going from place to place, but I really just loved everything about it. The drives were relaxing and so see the mountains and ocean at the same time..for hours. I love the gorgeous homes that you can see from a distance and again as you drive up through the hills. I loved spending time with our sweet friends. I loved feeling the sun shining on my skin. I adored our friend Benji's home and neighborhood and have been daydreaming about becoming his neighbor since we left.

If New York wasn't our home and we didn't have some exciting things to return to, I just might have been depressed about vacation ending. Instead, I'm ready to plan our next trip to the west coast and have loved reminiscing about different parts of our trip the past couple days.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful, relaxing, and productive weekend!!


  1. cali loved you just as much. can't wait to have you back.

  2. loved all those pics! and courtney in that shirt! hahah!!

  3. i loved having you guys here so much! and i LOVE my scott baio shirt! COME BACK!