Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lately life

SO....things have been crazy around here lately! Maybe crazy isn't exactly the right term, but a lots been going on. Some of our favorite friends moved back to Florida a week or so ago so we spent the past month hanging out with them as much as possible. We are super bummed about their departure...but...I'll be glad to have really great people to hang out with next time we are in Orlando. I really hate saying goodbye to people. It's depressing. I hate that all of my best and most special friends can't live closer to me - in New York preferably - but I'm of course grateful for relationships that remain despite the distance.

An unexpected turn at work has made me busier than ever at the office which I love..but it's left me fewer hours in the day to check into the blogging world. Before and after work. Obviously. I'm enjoying this while it lasts. Sometimes I wonder, am I more cut out for staying home or for staying out? I think the answer is at this time - both! I love taking care of our home, cooking, getting things situated and organized, but I also love when I have interesting things going on at work. I love when things move fast, fast, fast and enjoy when time passes slowly during meal making, home keeping and hangouts with family and friends.

Current obsessions:
1. Homeland - I wish the seasons never ended. Need a new show already.
2. JUICE - I really want to do that Blue Print Cleanse...has anyone tried it? I've been sipping on a few of their juices lately and they are amazing...I also can't stop drinking anything carrot - carrot orange/carrot apple.
3. Crock pot dinners - Pulled pork tonight...so, so good.
4. Vince Camuto. Just got some new amazing lil booties and I want about twelve more pairs, please.
5. Instagram. Vine. All social media. While I've been away from the blog, I've had spurts of time for random instas and videos. I'm addicted.

See! We've been doing a lot of eating, bev drinking, hanging, buying, relaxing, subway riding, organizing, basketball gaming, and superbowling.

Happy February everyone - a few days - late and happy week!!

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