Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blizzard & Post Blizzard - What does one do?

Of course you heard that we had quite a snowy weekend. I was sort of excited since we haven't had a good, heavy, pretty snow at all this winter. Friday my office shut down a bit early so I raced home and cleaned the house so that I could have a chore-less weekend. Saturday Louis had to cancel a job and we spent the morning shoveling away. I'll admit that I actually did not shovel and only watched/enouraged and caught up on phone chats with family. We had our weekend diner trip and spent the rest of the day at home enjoying our clean apartment. Later that night we went out for a karaoke birthday party which was super fun - despite having to trek through the - no longer fun - snow to get there and back. Sunday I had a few errands to do, made it to the gym after contemplating it for several hours, watched the series premier of SMASH which I think is going to be awesome this season (I love anything with dancing, singing, or theater), and made an easy, healthy dinner. After skating the sidewalks and taking one big slip to the ground, I was praying for sunny skies and melted snow on Monday.

Rainy days in New York are just the worst when you are forced to be in and out all day. I was so happy today for a little bit of sunshine and dry weather.

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