Monday, January 7, 2013

I Like It

1. Sleep No More - I haven't actually been to this, but I've been dying to since it came to New York over a year ago. I've heard tons about it so I know that it's interactive theater, everyone wears masks and moves throughout this hotel following the actors - watching and exploring different scenes and areas. Louis got tickets for me for Christmas and we are going with some friends this Saturday. I'm sure I'll have more to say after, but I already know it's going to be an incredible experience.

2. Sons of Anarchy - Ok, I'm obsessed with this show. We started watching it after Breaking Bad, and though it's taken Louis a little time to warm up to it, I've been in love from the get-go. I've even had two dreams about Jax Teller and I'm most likely going to start dressing like that Tara below because, obviously, I'm obsessed.

3. Life After Death - Have you heard of the West Memphis Three? I was pretty young when their story began and first learned about them after reading about them in a playbill at either an Eddie Vedder or Pearl Jam concert. I really couldn't believe the story, three kids wrongly accused and convincted, one put on death row, for murders they did not commit. I've not yet finished this book but so far it's about Damien's tragic childhood and his experiences in prison. It's about how he perservered and kept himself alive through spirituality and hope for the 18 years that he was wrongfully imprisoned. It's more interesting and inspiring than depressing (so far), though the story is completely tragic and almost unbelievable. If you're interested, read this  Rolling Stone article with Eddie Vedder's thoughts on the West Memphis Three and Damien in particular.

4. American Apparel tights Louis got me the footless and footed pair of tights for Christmas. They are a little pricey which is why I've never actually purchased them for myself, but they are worth it gets cold where you live. Sometimes tights that are the sweater material get a little baggy in certain areas, but these stay snug throughout the day and are super soft and comfortable, plus they're thick so they don't rip the first time you wear them.They are a lot warmer than regular stockings. I only wish they came in more colors!
5. Storey Threads vintage dresses - I used to think that I could pop into a thrift store or consignment shop and get myself some amazing vintage dresses, but I've now accepted that I just don't have the eye or patience for it. Living in New York especially, everything is either so picked over or overpriced. It was super frustrating and difficult to find pretty, vintage dresses until one of my best friends started a shop on etsy called Storey Threads. Louis has bought me several dresses from her store over the past few months, and I absolutely love every single one! I went on her site again today and I already see a few that I'd love to get for the new year. She has an amazing selection that is super reasonably priced.

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  1. Ms Storey should hire you as a model.

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