Monday, December 17, 2012

Slow but lovely weekend - and Dannikah!

I had such a relaxing, productive weekend! Productive in the sense that I got tons of rest, did some cooking, cleaning, and hung out with Lucy - alot. First thing Saturday I got a massage that Louis bought me during our wedding weekend. I have been waiting for the perfect day to use it and it was finally that. I made chickpea patties, delicious salads, broccoli cheese soup (recipe coming soon), ate an apple and banana sundae, drank wine and watched Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams (LOVE) and Seth Rogan (ALSO LOVE).  It was calm and pretty to watch, a little bit of a downer but not too dramatic. I really enjoyed it.
Sunday I tried a new church. I think this is the 5th one I've tried since moving to New York. It wasn't for me. I have said it a million times but I just really loved our Church in Florida and so far I haven't come close to liking another even half as much. This past church was way too much for me. There was so much yelling and bouncing around, fist pumping, jamming, chiming in during the sermon, and the sermon itself I just didn't feel a connection to nor could I figure out how to apply anything being said to my life. I was so distracted by everything. There was so much energy, talking and excitment that it actually felt overwhelming. I knew during the first worship song that I was going to be uncomfortable and I was, but I tried to appreciate the opportunity I had to be there and to experience something different.
After church I was hoping to enjoy a walk around the city but the weather was horrible so I stopped into Sur La Table and grabbed a few items including a cupcake mix. It was cousin Dahni's birthday and I wanted to make him something but after last weekend I was still feeling a little uneasy about baking. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a mix. Then a few of us went to Pizzeria Uno which has been Danni's tradition for I believe 13 years. I normally always get the spinoccoli deep dish but it wasn't on the menu and I decided I was more in the mood for thin crust anyway. It was sooooo delicious. Then we came back to the house for a quick birthday song. I was out of candles so he had to blow out a regular candle to make his wish.

 After so much lounging this weekend, Lucy was not looking forward to getting back to real life. I had to turn the light off and let her sleep awhile longer while I got ready for work yesterday.

Louis gets home tonight and I cannot wait. It gets a little boring not having him around. I feel like this week is going to pass quickly and on Friday we'll be in Seattle! I'm so excited!!!

Well, that's all for now! I'll be posting the Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe soon and hopefully my Rehydration Smoothie as well, which should be useful to everyone who is going to lots of parties in the next couple of days!


  1. You're so precious our little KC! I always enjoy reading your blog and hope you and Louis have a wonderful Christmas in Seattle - stay warm! Love you, Aunt gay