Thursday, December 20, 2012

I like it: Christmas & Everything New York

I mean, really. Sometimes I can't believe that I'm lucky enough to live in the most amazing city in the world. I try to open my eyes and look around daily - to not get caught up in everyday life without noticing the beauty around me. It's a different kind of prettiness, that's for sure, but it's one that I really, really love. I love the Christmas decorations, the bare trees in the winter, when it's sunny or overcast, the chill in the air, warming my hands on a cup of delicious hot chocolate, American flags on almost every street, people hustling around, excited visitors, the outdoor shops, gorgeous churches and cathedrals, ice skating rinks, and Christmas trees. I love being able to grab a quick bite and sit outside. Anywhere. Before moving here my friend Jane said something to me like - it really doesn't matter where you live, because New York will pretty much be your living room. I love our home, but it's true - the best part of being here is everything that exists outside of our little apartment. 

I love New York and feel so blessed to be here. We are off to Seattle tomorrow. Can't wait to get there and see sweet Charsle and Stuzer. I'm going to try to post at least one of those recipes I mentioned the other day before leaving. Hope all of you are finishing up your holiday shopping or planning and feeling as excited as I am about next few days!!!

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  1. So many great photos and I have been blessed to be in many of these places with my wonderful daughter.

    Buen viaje. Call your dad. Hah.