Friday, November 9, 2012

Atlanta, Abbey Esquire, and Sandy

Hello! Most likely you've been wondering where the heck I've been. Lounging. That's where.
Actually, the weekend before Sandy I made a surprise trip to Atlanta to see one of my favorite friends, Abbey.

She lives in Alpharetta, so after a few anxiety easing bloody marys, I flew into Atlanta and Tiff (her sis) picked me up at the ole Marta. My visit was for Abbey's birthday, but on the day that I arrived we found out that she passed the Bar. Yes, that's right. Hello Abbey Esquire. When my plane landed, I realized that she'd gotten the good news early and had already tried to get ahold of me. I could hardly contain my excitment so I sent her a quick text that I was stuck in a meeting and would call her soon. I felt horrible not calling her immediately but I was so close to surprising her and I didn't want to ruin it. When we got to her house I waited outside and FINALLY was able to call her back. Then while we were chatting I barged right in with a big, spastic, "SURPRISE!" We sipped champagne with strawberries, then went to a delicious mexican tapas restaurant with her sweet family to celebrate. Afterward we had a big night out with some ginger beer vodka drinks and cinnamon shots. At our age we can only handle one of those every now and then, so we spent rest of our visit jerkin around, watching the dreadful news, reading, talking, eating at some of my favorite chains, and we (Abbey) did a little cooking---chicken and dumplings recipe coming soon!!

Who knew I'd be so excited for Jimmy Johns, Sweet Tomatos, AND Panera Bread?!??!

We went to this insanely delicious place called Ok Cafe---I had cucumber salad, mac, fried okra and green beans. I really wanted a milkshake but refrained.
Tiff and Abb watching Michael Moore's cooking techniques.
TINA!!!!! & Abb & Tiff.

Fish tacos and lobster shrimp enchiladas. Don't worry I didn't eat the shrimp although everyone was raving about those fancy enchiladas.

We made sundaes for dessert. That's Abbey's cute little niece, Ali, and also my new obsession.

My trip was of course extended a few days which was perfect because Louis was able to avoid most of my craziness during the storm and I got to hang out with one of my favorite friends ever for five days!! I am so proud of her and was so happy that I got to be there to celebrate her awesome accomplishment. I hate that some of my very best friends are so far away. I miss the college days when Abbey was just a quick trot down the hall of our sorority house. I love any little reunion we can get and can't wait to start planning a girls trip for next year!!

I wasn't even nervous during the flight home. After several flight cancellations and all the news about the storm, I was just ready to back to New York. I watched Modern Family the entire way which took my mind off of any little bump while keeping me entertained. I got to spend a day or two at home with Louis before he left to go to Orlando for a wedding. Then I bought on tons and tons of groceries because with the gas shortage I was afraid of running out of food. I definitely had more than anyone in the store so clearly I was the only person with this concern...but you never know. I stared at Lucy, watched the entire first season of Revenge, made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, drank tea, went to brunch, had some visitors, drank some wine, and then Louis finally came home!


 I worked from home for the first half of this week since the L train was down, but I made it into the office yesterday. I was excited to get back to the city especially since I saw on the news that the pretty lights are starting to decorate the city for the holidays. I can't wait do all the christmasy stuff skating, hot chocolate, shops at Bryant Park, parties....I love New York and this time of the year!

While I was able to take it easy a bit the past few days I know many people suffered great losses during the storm. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers, and grateful for our safety and all that we've been provided.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and be on the lookout for Abbey's Chicken and Dumplings Recipe!

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