Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Wedding Part 2

Now, I'm not just saying this because it's what girls are supposed to say, but seriously, I had the best night of my life at our wedding. I was hoping to be able to fully enjoy the night and not focus on any missing details or things that I had failed to think of during the planning. I had told myself it'd be perfect no matter what happened, and it really was just that. I can't believe we all pulled off such an amazing night. Louis and I planned, but our friends and family really made it all come together and we are so, so grateful for everyone's help and efforts to make our day so awesome. Our reception was fun and crazy. We had the best-- music blasting,sweat filled, drink exploding, chair breaking, girl dropping, dance party ever. EVER. I still try to relive the day and night over and over in my head because I never want to forget how it felt. Here are some photos of our reception. And, in case you missed it, here is the other post about Our Wedding.
Best. Night. Ever. We are already planning our five or ten year anniversary. Whichever one gets you a repeat of the actual wedding night!

[**Again, our photos were taken by Azuree Wiitala (there are a few random instagrams i pulled off of friends' facebook pages, but mostly these are all Azuree's). If you are getting married or have an event I'd recommend her for sure. Plus, she's a real delight to have around on what can be, a somewhat stressful day. The photos are amazing,we got them back so quickly and we are so happy with how beautiful they turned out.]

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