Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hallo Honeymoon

In the five and a half years we've been together, Louis and I have never been on a real life vacation, just the two of us. We sometimes have a weekend gettaway here and there, or a family trip to Seattle or Orlando---which I absolutely love. But, a vacation just me and Louis??? After planning the wedding??? To celebrate our marriage, and a gift from his mama and stepdad????!?! Gosh, we were so, so excited and could not wait to get to our Cabo Honeymoon. We had a little bit of excitement on our way there, just some engine trouble and a quick detour in the airplane (along with lots of prayers and deep breaths), but we finally made it safely to our hotel. When we walked in I really couldn't believe how gorgeous the hotel was. It was so open, no windows, no air, just open to a view of mountains and palm trees and the lovely blue sky.
When arrived at our room there was champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us.
We stayed at the Riu which is an all inclusive, so here is the breakfast we enjoyed every day. I seriously could not stay away from the chips, salsa, mexican omelet or cheese quesadilla & refried beans (don't pretend you don't like them) at any meal---I never got sick of the mexican food and was craving it as soon as we returned home.
Our first adventure: jet skis! We road together the first time which was semi frightening because of course my nerves make everyone a little on edge. We ended up loving it and went back a few days later for another ride. That time, I got my own and actually loved riding around. It was pretty awesome.
Stay off my beach.
Pina colada was our drink of choice the entire trip. This place had 2 for 1s all day every day so we went a couple times after jet skiing.
Married!! I'm obsessed with our wedding rings. This is my backup ring since mine is a little delicate and I can't be thrashing around in the ocean or on boats with it. I refuse to go ring-less so thankfully Louis obliged to ringsa#3.
Perfect view from the hotel pool.
One day, the Riu had these fancy, fruity drinks in pineapples.
Our balcony
All the hallways had these openings so we literally always had the most beautiful views.
Adventure 2: Parasailing
This little apparatus was a bit trickier than the jet ski.
Here we are taking off. A bit crooked and not so sure we actually want to continue the adventure.
3 minutes into it we gave the thumbs down. Frantically.
Thrilled to be back in the boat. The arch was so pretty. We went to the Lovers Beach right by there for fun ocean swimming but unfortunately didn't get any pictures of it.
Adventure 3: ATV Tour (We pretty much had to do anything Kenny Powers would have done. I can't even name what all that includes.)
I had a breakdown during the first five minutes of the tour. The drive started off with a jump and a super steep hill which I just imagined myself driving over the side and plummeting down the hill to my death. In the cactuses and burning hot sand. Iguanas eating my face. So, after a few shed tears I hopped on the back of the tour guide's ATV and road with him.
Louis did great.
The tour was pretty cool. We road up the mountain to a neighborhood that has no running water or electricity. We saw a school. A cemetery. We also stopped at this beautiful beach.
We met some friends and went to Cabo Wabo.
Some people told us about this restaurant, Sunset De Mona Lisa. It was the best food we had the entire trip and also the most peaceful, beautiful place I've been to.
Loving the honeymoon.
My favorite night of the trip.
Fun mexican dinner at our hotel. This was just the appetizer.
A little One Eyed Pete action because we were convinced we were sick from undercooked meat. We immediately went back to our hotel room and laid in our bed waiting for the sickness to occur but alas, we did not get sick.
Evening time traipsing around.
They didn't have the best song selection. I suggested this. It was a hard song.
For Yardley.
Waiting for the cab before our last dinner.
We went back to our favorite place again on the cliff!
He had the lambchops.
So the first night I got the tortellini filled with crab and I craved it the rest of the trip. The second time we went I was dying to have it again but noticed a delicious pesto gnocchi on the menu. I couldn't decide so the server suggested the sampler which clearly is just two dinners. Don't worry I ate both.
Our last mexican breakfast...for awhile.
A quick five mimosas before the plane ride home.
Just a little internetting.
Goodbye sweet Riu and perfect Honeymoon. We hope to be back soon.
I can't get over just how much fun we had. Every day we ate, had an adventure, went to the beach, floated around the pool, swam up to the bar for pina coladas, napped, and enjoyed ourselves every single second. It was the best trip I've ever had. I was so happy to have time away in such a gorgeous place with my new husband. Our only worries were how we were going to possibly eat again--- because it was unfathomable to miss a meal even if we were stuffed from the last. We were there for the perfect amount of time and by the end we were fulfilled and ready to come back to our sweet lil home in Brooklyn. And to see our pup.


  1. What a fun post! I love that you did this so we can all see your adventures! LOVE LOVE

  2. I have been dying to see these photos! Thank you for sharing!! Love them! I am so glad you had such an amazing time. Looks like it was just perfect!!

  3. Looks like you guys had such a great time! Thanks for sharing the photos!