Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello 2012. You are going to be just great.

I constantly have new goals, new ideas, new dreams in life - so yes, I tend to make the cliche resolutions each year around this time. Usually my new life plans dwindle out and I come to accept to accept certain things about myself, for example, I will just never be a "crafter." I'm not sure if that is a term or not but I'm going with it.

I have a sewing machine that I've used once. It was a gift from my mom. I convinced everyone in my family that I was going to learn to sew and be able to alter all of my vintage dresses and make lots of fab items on my own. I was sick of that by the time I got the machine threaded.

Then I came across my old polaroid camera and convinced myself that that would become my new hobby. I hate taking that thing anywhere with me because I already have too much to carry. And, half the time when I do decide to use it, I can't get the film out of the light fast enough so it's over exposed?? I just wish someone could capture all of the great moments for me.

When I first got a pinterest account, I found this awesome project involving a plain wood frame, string, clothes pins, and pictures. I just knew this would be so adorable in my apartment, especially now that my polaroid was back up and running. So I searched everywhere for an affordable frame. Apparently these are real trendy now, and quite expensive. I finally found one, and it now hangs blank and empty on my wall. I never have time for that craft.

I wish I was crafty. I'm not and I'm done thinking otherwise. I'm not motivated to become good at or complete any of the projects I have in mind.

So, this year, my goals are more relevant because I'm becoming more in touch with what will actually work for me, my personality, and my lifestyle.

1. I have to find a Church. I really want this to be a part of our life, and I want to begin our marriage having the guidance, support and community that God and the church offer.
2. I want to have more intentional hang outs with our friends.
3. Spend more time in the city, downtown and on the west side.
4. Be healthy - continue going to the gym, following health trends, and being conscious of what/how much we eat. Also, I want to have lots of healthy-ish desserts this year.

I have so many wonderful photos I want to post here, but there is always some issue with my camera...the chord...etc. Very soon I will be posting fun memories from our holiday.

I am really excited about 2012. I've been waiting for this year my entire life.

In 230 days, Louis and I will be married.

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