Sunday, January 22, 2012

hey babes, you like brunch?

First intentional friend hangout....success!!! Lots of fun people came out on Thursday night to help us celebrate Louis's birthday. We spent the night eating, sportsing, strutting, cutting, beersing, shotsing, dancing, and eating again! We have the BEST NY crew and I'm so glad we were all finally able to get together.
Happy Louis at his birthday party
Sweet girls, Abby & Blair
Kristin & Yardley
I got news for you, ROB
strut cut blurriness
my girls

The next day, after banana/blueberry/chocolate-chip cakes, resting, catching up on the Bachelor, Jersey Shore, and Grey's (or NBA2K12), we went to our favorite steakhouse - Peter Lugar. This is now officially a DeFab birthday tradition. Everything about the restaurant is absolute perfection and I will probably be craving it for the next few weeks. We made a decision to visit this steakhouse more often in 2012.

Charsy bought us the griddle during our Christmas trip and I was so excited to finally break it in. Gosh, a world of difference it was making pancakes on this bad boy.

my handsome guy
salads! steaks! spinach! fries! sundaes!

I'm not even much of a meat girl, but this steak should never be passed up!

Saturday we woke up to our first snow of 2012. We packed up the car and drove to the Poconos for snow tubing & gambling. We stayed the night since we love hotels, and we were suppose to be up gambling all night. We ended up practicing the jersey dance until about 10, then woke up for brunch and the slots this morning.
There was a bit more eating over the weekend, but I can't bear to talk anymore meals. The food hurrah is onto carrot sticks and ramkins of dried oats. Hello wedding diet. Hello health. Hello gym. Hello week. I am ready for you. That's what I'm telling myself. Hello, hello!!! What a great last couple of days with my most favorite person.

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