Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blueprint :: Pre-Cleanse Day 3

Our Day 3 Pre-Cleanse was almost identical to Day 2. I told you I was craving the same things! I was a little nervous knowing it was my last day to have solid food for a few days. Would I get hungry? Would I be able to do it? Should I have a few "safe" cheats ready to go in the fridge??? Will this be my first/last cleanse ever?? It was my first day of no caffeine at all, but I didn't feel as bad as expected. It definitely helped switching to 1 tea a day, with a little caffeine,  for a few days before cutting it out completely. By the end of the day I felt sleepy, was craving peanut butter (even though I did have some during breakfast), and was just ready to start the actual cleanse.

Here's what we did - It's a his/hers kinda thing:

First thing (5:30am) - Just kidding Wednesday was my day off at the gym so I didn't have to wake up until 7! Around 7:15am I had a cup of hot water, with lemon, and cinnamon. It tastes like a really light cinnamon tea.

Breakfast (8am)- Due to my fear of hunger, I decided we should split a banana PB shake AND each have a bowl of sliced pears with peanut butter and cinnamon.

Snack (10:30am) -  Again, I wanted to hold out until 12pm for a snack so I had a caffeine free hot mint tea. I should mention - I get the most hungry during the late afternoon/evening so I want to be sure I have enough juices to last me right up until 2 hours before I go to bed. I plan to only have 2 juices between breakfast and lunch and save the other 4 for the rest of the day when I get the most cravings.

Louis Snack - He is not as good at timing out his meals, SO...he eats most of his snacks early in the day. I made him cucumber chips, celery sticks and sliced red bell pepper, along with a low carb wrap (6 net carbs) topped with a tiny bit of hummus and a lot of arugula, cucumber, bell pepper, salt/pepp, cayenne, and oregano.

Lunch (12:00pm) - Since we were supposed to be focusing on eating LOTS of greens, I upped the amount of arugula and spinach and used less toppings (no more almonds or avacado). The salad had tomato, cucumber, garlic slices, chopped celery, topped with lemon juice. Blackberries and apple on the side.

Snack (3pm) - Celery sticks and red bell pepper.

Dinner (6:30pm) - As I mentioned earlier, I was pretty sleepy by the end of the day. Not sure if it was because of my super long day on Tuesday, no caffeine or what. Louis was randomly driving near my office so he picked me up at work and he suggested we get Dig Inn again! I secretly was in no mood to prepare dinner and was still dreaming about last night's dinner so I didn't argue. We got the same thing we did the night before and it was just as delicious.

Dessert (7pm) - I always want a little something sweet after dinner...and I don't mind healthy desserts so it's not THAT bad of a thing. I pulled out some fruits/veggies that I wanted to use to avoid them spoiling over the next couple days. I made apple, cucumber, blackberry juice. We both loved it. Perfectly sweet and refreshing.

And then.....our BP juices arrived!!!!!!
(don't mind that dish towel)

I mean....we are so excited about this juice! It's super fun doing this together. We are both doing great so far today and feeling amazing. I loved the pre-cleanse and am excited to be on the next (and main) part of this process. We're both feeling really great but I'll get into more details about that later!
**See my post from yesterday for photos of anything not pictured above.

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